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The Doggy Drencher from Outward Hound is rotating sprinkler toy that can keep your pooch cool while playing outside during the hot summer months. The Doggy Drencher can attach to any ordinary garden hose. Once the water runs though the sprinkler it will begin to rotate. The more pressure you use the faster it will rotate. Water shoots out of the holes in the top and the red water cannon as well. The spray and water cannon are very gentle and the amount of pressure lets you adjust it to your dog's comfort level.

DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Dog Toy

Chuckit Amphibious Duck Diver water toys for dogs are specifically designed to be super visible with their bright colors and offer outstanding performance both in and out of water! It doesn't get any better than the Duck Diver that will float in the water and fly through the air.

That’s it! You have a new Crinkle Water Bottle Dog Toy!

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HO Aqua Dog Toys are great for playing with your dog in and around water, in your backyard or at a dog park. It's even soft enough for indoor play on those cold rainy days. HO Sea Creatures dog toys are made with durable neoprene material that floats in water. In addition to the bright neon-colored fabric, the neoprene material is detailed with pet-themed aloha prints. If you believe quality is in the details, look closely and you'll find small bone and paw prints among the aloha prints. Their embroidered facial features are adorable. Last but not the least, the large size comes with nine squeakers and one rattle, total of ten noisemakers! If your dog loves squeaking, this is a must-have toy for your pooch. Junior size comes with one squeaker and one rattle.One of our favorite new dog toys, just in time for summer fun and playing in the water. Crinkits turns an ordinary plastic water bottle into safe and eco-friendly play time for your dog. Plus it’s great for senior dogs!This water toy for dogs flies extra long distances with minimal effort required on your part, we just hope you can keep up with your dog constantly bringing it back! Our nylon dog Frisbee is also designed to be easy to pick up and comfortable in your dog's mouth, he might not want to give it up! If you enjoy agility training, than you will love Frisbee dog training! Our dog flying discs are made with dog training in mind, and you can combine this dog toy with a , , or for the ultimate package from EzyDog!Investing in a reusable water bottle is great for the environment, but if you’re not keeping it clean, it’s not so great for your health. In fact, drinking from one may be worse than licking a dog toy — based on the amount of bacteria, that is.