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A television producer sued dog trainer Cesar Millan, star of TV’s “Dog Whisperer,” claiming his Labrador retriever was injured at Millan’s training facility after being choked with a collar and forced to run on a treadmill.

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Just for the record, I was anti-Cesar due to my meeting up with someone misusing a prong collar on his little collie mix dog, claiming that the Dog Whisperer uses them as well. I was livid, until I watched his show and found that in fact the OWNER’S used the prong collars and Cesar prefers a slim cord-leash or just the dog’s own leash collared on the dog’s neck and in fact he only used a prong collar because the owner’s wanted him to use it(see above that was the same show) and he ended up removing it. So it was proof to me that people are usually the culprits of not listening and paying attention to what the man actually IS teaching about dog behavior and trianing.

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AMAZING SAFECALM DOG TRAINING COLLAR - Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE “Last year I consulted with an owner who was having trouble with his Shar Pei becoming aggressive toward the dog walker when on walks. The owner had no trouble with his dog on-lead outdoors, but the walker complained of escalating aggression. Upon further discussion, it was discovered that the walker claimed he was utilizing some methods demonstrated by Cesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer. Instead of walking the dog on a loose lead, he would place a choke collar high up on the dog's neck, where it is the most painful and can shut off the airway. When the dog didn't respond to a command, he would punish the dog by tightening the collar, even lifting the dog's front feet off of the ground. As the punishment escalated, the dog began to growl, snarl, and snap at the walker. The walker even began to take a tennis racket on walks to try to subdue the dog when he became aggressive, a technique he saw on Millan's televised show. My advice was simple. Find another dog ,walker who knew how to calmly walk the dog on a loose lead and did not try to intimidate him. A new walker was introduced and the dog continues to do well, with no aggression on walks.”

Dr. John Ciribassi, past-president of the AVSAB, explains why punishment can cause aggression.

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Cesar Millan, the face of National Geographic Channel’s popular Dog Whisperer program and a best selling author, has started to accumulate an increasingly large and loud throng of detractors. The critics include prominent veterinary behaviorists, trainers, ethologists, psychologists, and humane organizations, many who collectively list disparaging quotes in the noteworthy blog . Moreover, Cesar’s deprecators have expanded beyond the domain of the internet. Mark Derr, the author of “A Dog’s History of America,” wrote a scornful article that was published in the op-ed pages of The New York Times: . Furthermore, one needs to merely Google the right search words to read the opinions of a passel of antagonists scornful of Cesar personally and his behavior modification methodologies. Yet, despite the number of passionate critics, Cesar remains probably the most popular and well-known dog trainer and behaviorist in North America.

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