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Perimeter Technologies offers a wireless dog fence system that operates on WiFi technology just like your internet router. The Perimeter WiFi collar is a bit larger and suitable for dogs over 20 lbs.

Both types of devices are connected to a wireless dog collar that is worn around the neck.

Chinavasion offers a high quality range of shock collars for dogs and other pets. Besides that we offer cool pet stuff such as an wireless pet fence for dogs, to make sure they stay close to you.

Wireless Fence Collar for Stubborn Dogs - PIF00-13672

The collars on the wireless pods are light enough that you could but them on any dog over 6lbs. We purchased the Stay N Play system a few months ago and have been very happy with it. Recently we added another member to the family and were looking for an additional collar for our new boxer. A big thank you to the Flexpetz support as they were able to lead us to this collar over the regular wireless one to match our dogs temperament. While still young he definitely seems like he is going to have quite the 'stubborn' personality. (Posted on 9/7/2014)

PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Dog Fence Collar | In Stock - Ships Free!

While wireless collars are always larger than in-ground fence collars, the Stay+Play Collar is smaller than other wireless fence collars. Weighing in at just over 3 oz (including the collar strap), this collar is suitable for dogs 5lbs and up.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Wireless Receiver Collar | Petco Store

The best wireless electric fences can support a minimum of two receivers, allowing you to contain two or more dogs with the use of just one transmitter. Your package however will only come with one receiver, so if you have more than one dog you’ll have to buy the additional receiver separately. Also, quality manufacturers will include two different sets of pins for the receiver: one pair for long-haired dogs, and another for short-haired dogs. Additionally, good collars/receivers will be water-proof as well.Worried about keeping your dog safe in your yard? A PetSafe wireless dog fence may be the best option for your pet and there is no digging involved. Before you begin, select a unit that is right for your pet and your yard. This PetSafe fence is made for dogs over 8lbs. and covers about half an acre of land. Proper training of your pet is essential for the success of the pet fence.

Pick a location for the transmitter. The location must have access to an indoor power outlet and the temperature needs to stay above freezing. Locate it on the first floor of your house in the middle of your dogs roaming area. Large metal objects can interfere with the signal, so keep it away from furnaces and refrigerators.

Plug the transmitter in, set the boundary switch to high and set the boundary control up to 8. Install the battery in the collar. Activate the static correction signal, if desired. Set up the perimeter. Hold the collar where you want the perimeter to be, and have a friend turn the dial on the transmitter until the collar beeps. Place flags where the collar beeps to visually mark the perimeter.

Fit the collar on your dog, ensuring the contact points touch your dog's skin. Tighten the collar until you can fit one finger in between the contact point and your pet's neck. Properly training your pet to stay within the boundaries of your new wireless dog fence is crucial to your pet's safety and success in using the fence. For more how to content, visit . For more pet products or to purchase your own pet fence, visit

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