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Exuding beauty and brains, any well-bred Poodle will tend to have calm nerves and shouldn't be shy or sharp. Poodles love to learn, and want to please you. Teach your Toy Poodle tricks and get him qualified to be a therapy dog so he can perform for people in facilities such as nursing homes and children’s hospitals. Poodles of all sizes can make wonderful therapy dogs. Their empathetic nature and joy in engaging with people make them a natural at this work.

But for the most part, a dog's obsession with a certain toy is its own sweet mystery.

There are two things that you can use here. If your dog likes a toy and a tug, I would not prefer a ball, because you can't get on to the end of it. You could put a ball on a rope and tug with that, but you want a plain tug toy, or this will turn into a tug toy.

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After our post about , the next logical question is: What about toys for dogs with few teeth? WRITE IT OUT First, I would sit down and write out exactly what’s going on. What is being guarded? Toys? Food that falls on the floor? Mom’s lap? Second, what context? Outside in the yard over the wading pool? Inside in the living room over the chew toy, or in the kitchen over the dinner bowl? State exactly what the guarder does, being as detailed as you can. Does she go stiff and close her mouth before beginning to growl? Or bark and lunge with little warning? What does the other dog do? What do YOU do? This process can be tedious, but I can’t emphasize enough the importance of writing out as many details as you can. I don’t know how many times I’ve written out an issue with one of my own dogs and learned something important in the process.

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Another trick you can try is to offer your dog a much more valuable treat. Use whatever she loves most and trade her the extra special treat for the toy. You may need to use pieces of steak or chicken or hot dogs. Use whatever works. Use a command like “drop” or “leave it” and reward with the tasty treat once she does. Repeat several times a day.

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Mothering a toy is one thing. But tearing it to shreds? Well, some dogs with high predatory drives - - will get especially attached to toys they can really tear into. "Dogs are eternally toddlers," she says. "A human child who has a favourite toy will, at some point, reach a developmental stage where it's not appropriate to carry around a teddy bear anymore. We replace it with a charm in our pocket or a picture of a best friend in our wallet."