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Remember to take into account your dog's physical health condition as well. Either dog backpack or carrier sling that's supportive around the dog's midsection is most suitable for dogs that have physical mobility problems or joint pain but is still not recommended.

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On backpacking trips, humans and canines have the same rule: Bury pet waste in a 6- to 8-inch hole that’s at least 200 feet away from trails, camps and water sources. Enforcing the 200-foot rule for urination breaks isn’t practical, but be prepared to interrupt things and move away if your dog begins to pee in or next to a water source.

Things to keep in mind when using a doggie backpack.

Do you have a favorite doggie backpack? Tell us in the comments below! Clever canine parents keep a variety of items stored in a dedicated dog backpack or satchel. This eliminates time spent searching for scattered items and keeps the number of items lost to a minimum. But strangely, these doggie moms and dads often decide to lug this stuff around themselves.

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We’ve all seen the helper style saddle bags for dogs, but this dog backpack is equally as stylish as it is functional. Not only can you pack goodies such as extra doggie bags, treats, water, toys and dog wear, you can clip your leash directly on the back of the bag. You can even ditch your harness with this!

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These doggie backpacks are great for extra storage and giving your dog that added responsibility; we all know they love having a job. These backpacks come in different sizes to adjust to your pup’s size and have enough pockets to ensure that you will have all the supplies they need to make hiking, camping, and other activities enjoyable.Dogs can be a source of great enjoyment on your outdoor adventures, whether you are hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, mountain biking, or walking to the market for groceries. A healthy, well-conditioned canine can carry one quarter of his own weight.This saddlebag is designed to adjust for medium to large dogs. The mesh material makes this backpack breathable while the adjustable straps have padding for maximum comfort.We make our dog backpacks with the best materials available: YKK zippers, Cordura Plus & Ballistic urethane coated nylon fabrics, 3M Scotchlite reflective tape, and National Molding side release buckles padded with soft, quick drying Polartec 300. Advanced design features include a handy pocket located in a contoured section across the dog's back, cut-away leading pannier edge allows front legs to move naturally, and lashtabs for securing extra gear or to guide a leash from the collar across the dog's back.