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If you were your pet and your pet was you, wouldn't you want to snuggle up in the big bed and have the very best pet chow and the most stylish water fountain? Wouldn't seeing your photo in a nice frame improve your self esteem? Hey, then why not treat your dog the way you want to be treated?

$29.99 for The Koolinator doggie water fountain (80-F1DF) ($69.99 list price)

The modern design of the Ceramic Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet fits in any home and it has a capacity of 128 oz. water. Ceramic makes the cleaning of the fountain extremely easy. The main parts of the unit are 100% dishwasher-safe and the premium replaceable charcoal filter will prevent bacteria from growing between cleanings. The size of the bowl can easily hold enough water for more than one cat or dog for days.

DIY - Water Fountain for cats - dogs

WaterDog - Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking fountain How awesome is this!?!? Dogs make great pets - they are loyal, playful, enjoy being outdoors and are fairly easy to care for. But one job most people would happily give up (apart from poop-scooping!) is cleaning out and filling up the dog’s drink bowl. That’s why the Doggie Fountain is instantly appealing – not only does it provide your pet with clean, fresh water – once installed, you won’t have to lift a finger because it runs on pooch power.

Doggy Water Fountain. So cool! (If I could train my dog to use it!)

You simply fit the fountain to your garden hose and adjust the pressure so the water height is just right for your dog. When he/she gets thirsty (or bored) the water is accessed by stepping on the metal plate. Too easy. Not sure about the need for the rather large paw print – unless dogs recognize what a cartoon image of the underside of their foot looks like.

Canine Canteen Dog Water fountain

The Doggie Fountain F-1 by Allied Precision Industries is attached to a hose or a faucet and activates when your dog steps on it. Insure that your dog has fresh water always available!Sonar-Sensing Automatic Pet Fountain - The WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water I really need to find one of these. Fisher prefers cold water from a tapTo ensure your pet is getting plenty of water, consider dog water fountains. The best ones have a high capacity for less filling, a filter to remove water minerals, and are BPA-free for zero chemical contamination. We’ve made a list of the top ten to keep you pet hydrated, healthy, and happy.This fountain is sure to bring all the joy and water your pet needs for a long time. It’s manufactured to withstand the test of time and it will be a great way to encourage your dog to refresh anytime they’re feeling parched.