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High Hopes® has a delicious range of doggy treats just perfect for dog parties. Our 100% all natural dog cupcake kit treats that you bake and decorate make it easy for you to whip up some fresh baked love for your dog and his friends. We even have special dog birthday cupcakes, complete with candles (please make sure to blow out the candles before eating – flames and fur don’t mix!).

Doggy Birthday DIY! Love this idea for my girls 1st birthday (CoCo & LoLa).

I doubled the recipe and made 5 regular size cupcakes for my German Shepherds 1st birthday. She’s on a grain free diet because of a sensitive digestive system. She loved it! So did her 2 doggy friends who came over to visit. Thanks for the recipe.

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Throw a Doggy Birthday Party! I celebrate my dogs birthday by letting all of his puppy friends come over and I take him and his friends to the dog park. After that I bake them a cake or I buy them a cake, then I let oliver my dog open his presents. I also dress him up in a doggy wedding suit. At the end of the day all the dogs get to spend the night and we all watch a movie about dog usually Beverly hills Chihuahua because oliver is a chihuahua then the dogs go to sleep in Oliver’s room.

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I have imagined to celebrate my dog’s 1st birthday by filling up a room with colorful balls. Making a meatpie as his birthday cake. Lots of healthy snacks for the dogs. Inviting his best friend all the other doggy friends. Taking them out to the park with an air filled pool with a slide. It’s going to be a crazy party! Everyone’s going to have fun. And everyone’s going to wear the birthday caps. Of course not to forget the birthday boy banner and balloons. And gift him his favorite toy.

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Her owners, Christopher and Jackie Vrankovic, got her a special doggy birthday cake from a bakery called (what else?) and worried that it might be a little bit “frivolous,” according to .Goody bags filled with a variety of treats or squeaky are a great way to wrap up the event and give your doggy guests a few memento’s to remember the day by. Keep a few cameras handy throughout the event to snap pictures of dogs in action or the guest of honor chowing down on their birthday cake and send them out to guests a few days after the event. Check out more dog party gifts and treats . If you don’t feel like baking a dog-friendly cake, there are some great options for ordering a special . A variety of birthday-themed doggy can work, too, if you’re planning to invite a number of guests. Make sure to have plenty of water out for the dogs, and have some snacks, drinks and finger foods handy for the humans in attendance.Doggy goody bags at an adorable dog themed birthday party! Kara's Party Ideas - THE place for ALL things PARTY! #dogparty #doggybags #birthdaypartyfordogs