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First, make sure you get the right size. Proper sizing of doggy sunglasses is as important for your dog as it is for you. They will provide very little protection if they don’t stay in place. Not to mention the fact that the wrong size could hamper your dog’s vision, as well.

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And here is the utterly-clueless-that-she’s-a-beard Bachmann braying about her husband’s doggy sunglasses shopping. The look on his face when she mentions it is absolutely priceless.

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He is very active with his dog as well and I noticed that his dog wears these doggy sunglasses when doing outdoor activities. If, likeme, you’re a dog lover, you’ll know that some dogs are not keen on havinganything attached to them. Especially their head. The Rex Specs websiteacknowledges this and says that well-trained dogs are more likely to accept thesun-goggles without too much aggravation. However, they clam that given enoughtime and training, any dog can be trained to wear the goggles. They add that currently,the doggy sunglasses are only available for larger dogs, though they plan tomake them for smaller dogs in the future.

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Even if your dog has perfect vision, there are where sunglasses could be beneficial. For dogs that can’t be in a car without having their head stuck out the window, the chance of eye damage due to wind and flying debris is high. Throw on a pair of properly fitting doggy sunglasses and your pooch’s eyes are protected from the elements.

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That’s when CNN did a story on the doggy sunglasses. After that, Di Lullo decided that she was going to cold call the toll-free number for PetSmart. What’s the worst that could happen?Doggles are a combination of goggles and sunglasses that are specifically made to fit a dog’s unique face. They provide UV protection for your pet’s eyes. The doggy sunglasses are shatterproof and flexible, so your dog cannot easily break them. They have holes in the sides to keep the lenses from fogging up.Pannuscan affect any greyhound, and this chronic eye condition is generallymade worse by UV light exposure. Once diagnosed it’s not too hard tocontrol with medication but it is a long term condition. This is themost likely reason you would see a greyhound wearing doggy sunglassesor ‘Doggles’.- when mari gets her license, kanan n dia squabble about who gets to ride shotgun. mari settles the issue by having sakutaro in the front seat. she drives a convertible (typical) and buys him little doggy sunglasses.It already has the fur coat – in this case, real fur is okay – so all it takes is a silk scarf and an elegant pair of sunglasses to transform this golden retriever into a doggy version of Audrey Hepburn. And this pretty pooch sure seems to be lapping up the attention. Golden retrievers are among the most well liked breeds of dog – not only because of their beautifully colored coats, but also owing to the fact that they are smart and obedient.Most helpful dog owner's review (): “These doggy sunglasses/goggles are so adorable!! I put them on 2 of my smaller dogs to test them out and they looked so…”