Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain

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Like humans, Dogs and cats require water as a vital element for survival and the Dogit and Catit Drinking Fountains are the perfect answer for dogs and cats who have high water requirements. The Drinking Fountain provides a continuous running supply of fresh and clean drinking water; since dogs and cats are highly attracted to running water, it means they will drink more of it.

See this video which demonstrates the Dog Water Fountain by Dogit Design:

The Dogit Design Fountain Filter Cartridges - 3 Pack is a replacement set of carbon filters for the Fresh and Clear Outdoor Drinking Fountain. This three pack of pet drinking fountain replacement filters absorbs impurities from water, including debris, food, hair, and sediment. With these Dogit Design filters you will be able to provide your pets with fresh and clear drinking water that benefits their health.

Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Large Drinking Fountain

Dogit Design Dog Drinking Fountain Don't get me wrong, if it wasn't for the slobber, the BS flimsy filters and the terrible design for washing it, it works great for drinking. I know a couple people who love their Dogit. For our dogs, eeeh I'm not impressed. My dogs drink out of it and even the cat licks the water that is falling down the side. We started out with a 3 gallon water bowl that was gross. We moved to the fountain which was better but has it's gross points if you own a slobbery dog. I'll find the right one soon or later.

Dogit Design Dog Drinking Fountain Carbon Filters (For Model 91401)

The Hagen 73670 is a dog water fountain filter designed to fit the following:Dogit Drinking Fountain (Hagen 73651)The Replacement Foam for Fresh & Clear Pump - 2-Pack contains 2 foam insert pieces. This replacement Dog It filter contains 1 s

Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Large Drinking Fountain

The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Pet Drinking Fountain is a drinking water fountain provides a consistent supply of clean and fresh drinking water for your pet through re-circulating water flow. This Fresh and Clear outdoor drinking fountain utilizes multi-stage filtration that eliminates stale water by trapping impurities. This pet drinking fountain has a large surface area operation and is elevated, which is useful for dogs that are older, larger, or suffering from physical ailments.The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain provides your dog with a continuous source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water. Veterinarian recommended, designed with large breed dogs in mind, the drinking fountain is also perfect for older dogs, or dogs with joint or muscle problems.