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Proviable looks a lot better than Forti Flora – it has 7 strains of probiotics which is a decent amount. The company that makes Proviable, Nutramax Labs, is also a pretty reputable company. If you want to go with a product that your vet approves of, I’d go with that. I’ve never used the Mercola supplement – I prefer my dogs to get their probiotics from natural sources such as raw green tripe, kefir and yogurt – but I would trust any product Dr. Becker put her name on and I know several of the “regulars” on this site have used it with good results.

Is it ok to start my 1 yr old and 12 yr old dogs on probiotics for a Healthy dog..

The amount of CFU needed depends on the problem that is being treated—every dog has different needs. The for dogs is not as robust as it is in humans, and we find that the dog owner is the best at discerning how much is needed. Owners that monitor their dogs health during probiotic therapy can judge by the reaction/improvement, or otherwise, if the dose should be increased or decreased. But, we do provide a "rule of thumb" for dosing probiotics for your dog.

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Probiotics can be given to dogs as a dietary supplement and all dogs can benefit from them. My name is Raquel Astacio and I run Doggy’s Digest along with my boyfriend, Alexis. We are a site dedicated to thoroughly covering the topic of probiotics for dogs. I originally reached out to Dog Food Advisor to see if we could contribute a post; unfortunately they do not accept any but did say we can post in the forums.

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Doggy's Digest was started out of a love for canines and a need on the web for more information about probiotics for dogs. Our goal is to make this website the number one resource for optimizing your k9's digestive health and beyond!

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So you have done your research on the benefits of probiotics for dogs and decide to give it a try. What is next? You may go on the internet and compare prices. Or, you may decide to give your furry friend some of your own probiotics. It’s all the same bacteria anyway, right? You may want to think again before going to the fridge or cupboard. 1. Understand the science.
None of us likes to think that our dogs are hosting microbes. But they are — hundreds of different kinds! And according to Mary Ellen Sanders, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in probiotic microbiology, that’s a good thing. In the canine gastrointestinal(GI) tract, probiotics promote health by “piggybacking on the important relationship between the normal immune system and microbes,” says Sanders.