Jun 8, 2017 - Millions of dogs are slaughtered each year in Korea

Dregs of society wasn’t referring to people without money. It referred to people who would try to get dogs for free – like ones to use for bait dogs, dog fighting, hunting etc.

: San Diego County (free pet food for the dogs and cats of elderly or disabled people)

With that said…about Craigslist. When someone offers a dog for free to good home…DOES THAT PERSON giving the dog/pet away do a home check? Drive to that persons house, check for fencing/backyard,descent neighborhood, make sure dog will be living indoors and not out back chained up with little or no shelter? Do you call the Vet of the people interested in your pet? These are all the things you SHOULD do before giving your dog to someone else. Also have them sign a contract agreeing to the terms you would like to see. A warm bed, good food and lots of love. And FREE dogs alot of the time are used in dog fighting. these are horrific conditions and many dogs die or are ripped apart. i have seen many with their faces ripped off, or guts hanging out. Also people take them JUST to torture them. shove a shovel into their skull, burn them, drag them behind vehicles, poor acid on them, beat them with baseball bats. SEEN IT ALL and WORSE. THIS IS THE VERY REASON not to give your dog away. even if you give it away free..DO HOME and VET CHECKS. check them out thoroughly.
So all of you that are making really off the wall ignorant negative comments about this article..THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!

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Try this cute Free Knitted Dogsweater Pattern for your pooch today! Keep… Not only do we rescue every dog in need of basic, urgent assistance, but we provide medical care to those rescued, manage clean sheltering facilities and find homes for sociable dogs in Romania and across Europe. ROLDA also provides free social assistance to microchip and spay/neuter the pets owned by poor community from villages as well as food emergency aid.

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I let my dogs free feed…but i only put in the recommended amount of food for the whole day in the bowl and sometines there are leftovers the next day. They eat when they are hungry 2-3xs a day but never eat it all at once. I notice they eat when I leave because I look in the bowl and there is either less or the same but never gone it takes them all day to eat it I just start again the next day

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