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PS 1631 sought to address the issue of street dogs in Puerto Rico by imposing a mandatory spay/neuter law on all dogs in Puerto Rico and ban the sale of all dogs for five years, which would have punished responsible breeders and fanciers in Puerto Rico and prevented residents from obtaining a well-bred, quality purebred dog raised in Puerto Rico.

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Search and see photos of adoptable pets in the Guaynabo, Puerto Rico area While Neville Jacobs leads a picture perfect life, the pampered pup is a caring canine who wears his heart on his designer sleeve. Never one to airbrush over the problems faced by his fellow dogs, Neville is helping to design a better tomorrow for abandoned and abused pooches in Puerto Rico by donating proceeds from the sale of his book to . Taking its name from a slang term for strays, The Sato Project is a non-profit organization which has given more than 1,400 of Puerto Rico’s homeless dogs a new lease on life.

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