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: This doggy gate is very expensive, but customers have roundly agreed that that expensiveness is well worth it. Also, the pieces may be kind of heavy for you to move around according to several dog gate reviews from other customers (the gate weighs 50 pounds with a shipping weight of 58 pounds), although the linking mechanism is easy to use. These indoor dog gates are recommended for smaller dogs, so if your dog is a good climber, that could be problematic for you if he or she gets a running start and is able to scale the 31” jump.

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: This pet safety gate is really low. At 20 inches, it is able to be easily jumped over by smaller dogs. If you want to prevent that, you’ll need to either train your dog not to jump over it (good luck with that!) or only use it for non-jumpers who won’t try to hop over. Alternatively, look into getting some other best indoor dog gates from above or search for anything taller.

Who Let the Dogs Out? Not You With Your Best Dog Gates!

PetFrenzy has large dog gates for big dogs as well as for closing off larger areas than a standard doorway. Most Helpful review (): “Pros: — Great looking gate compliments our hardwoods much more so than a white plastic gate (ugh). — The HL and HS are almost 8″ taller than the other Richell gates. The extra height is definitely needed if your dog(s) is larger than a tea-cup breed. The Freestanding design is fairly sturdy although…”

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: Richell Freestanding Pet Gate is easy to hold up, and many customers commented that the rubber feet and the side panels kept it very sturdy. It’s also easy on the eyes and convenient to store because its side panels collapse down. Owners who tried these eight best dog gates indoor and who have small dogs commented that this pet safety gate had wire slats that made it very sturdy, preventing the dogs from slipping through the slats (as one owner with a Chihuahua puppy said had been a problem) or budging it over.

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