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in male dogs is said to be one reason they may be peeing more oftenin their sleep, especially if this is a new occurrence. We recommend having it checkedout if the issue persists.

Sep 21, 2016 - One of the most labor-intensive problems I'm running into as our dogs age is that they pee in their bed while they sleep

I have 3 male dogs, 2 of them are 2 year old Havanese, and the other is a 1 year old Pomeranian. All 3 of them are house trained and go outside. My oldest first dog has just started this new thing where he pees everywhere and anywhere inside the house, but only at night time while I'm sleeping. If I'm awake there are no accidents, but when I wake up in the AM I will find spots on the corner of the couch, near refrigerator, and even by his food & water bowl. I don't know what to do. Should I get dog diapers? Or remove their food/water? Any advice?

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Do dogs pee in their sleep I have to "remind" Jackdoodle to go peepee before we go to bed, and he's almost 7 years old. I take him out to eliminate at regulate intervals, whether he lets me know he has to go or not. Dogs don't always realize that they have to go, and they for sure don't know they should empty their bladders before they fall asleep.

every once in awhile, my dog will pee in his sleep

Since I got preggo, our dogs don't sleep on the bed anymore, it's not their territory and I don't want to worry about them jumping where not invited. One of our dogs also had a habit of peeing on the bed, once it wasn't an option for him to lay, the accidents stopped.

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Two possibilities: Could be a medical reason such as a bladder infection. If you have eliminated that possibility, it is most likely territorial marking, just like dogs do when they lift their leg outside. Even females will mark with urine. You either have to figure out why the dogs feels the need to mark your bed ( is for example, a new person sleeping in the bed?) If you cannot change the factor that is causing the dog to mark your bed with urine, the only option is to restrict access to the bed. Keep the door to the bedroom closed unless you or someone else is in the room. The dog will probably not pee on the bed unless he is alone. If, on the other hand, you see him doing it, correcting him at that time might help.I have the same problem. My dog pees in her bed and then sleeps in it. I read that if you make the area inside the cage smaller they will hold their pee because they will not want to sleep in it but that didn't work. We have jingle bells on all of our doors and she rings those to go outside so I hung jingle bells in her cage but she still doesn't ring them. if I put newspaper or puppy pads in there she shreds them to "make them more comfortable" I guess. I'm thinking about buying a bedwetting alarm that they use for children unless Somebody can give me a better idea. I have never read a book on crate training I thought you just put them in there and that was it. She willingly goes in there and she doesn't scratch or dig or chew to get out so I figured she was crate trained. When she was a puppy I would wake up at 3 or 4 am and take her out but I got tired of that and I've read dogs should be able to hold their pee for a whole work day which is about 10 hours with commute time. So I was hoping with time she would start holding it longer. I also started taking her water away after dinner in hopes that her bladder would be empty by the time we went to bed at 11pm. I have had the vet check her and take her blood to rule out any problems and it all came back clear. Anybody have any ideas?