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My husband just bought some fo the Dogswell Happy Hips chicken treats for our dogs. He bought them at Target and I found them at Amazon at a better price. After I read the reviews and discovered these were made in China I decided not to buy the “value” bag from Amazon. One of the many wonderful things we have here in the USA is freedom of speech and choice. I made this decision because I don’t want to ingest anything “Made In China” so why would I want my dogs to ingest it. Once my husband bought some shirts, wore them to work before they were washed (this in not usual for either one of us not to wash new clothing items) and he made one huge mistake. He had never, ever left work but the shirts had broken him out so badly he felt like he was on fire. Guess where the shirts were made….lol If Dogswell cared more about selling safe products for dogs and cats than they did abou the big bucks; perhaps they would have their products made in the USA. Their profit margins are a lot more if they make them in China and charge Americna dollars.

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Pet Product Review – Happy Hips Chicken & Apple dog treats by Dogswell Recently I received a bunch of samples from the Dogswell Company. Perhaps the most interesting treat in this selection was the Happy Hips Chicken & Apple dog treats. I have to tell you this is unlike any dog treat I’ve ever seen. […]

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Pet Product Review – Happy Hips Chicken & Apple dog treats by Dogswell I have three dogs and supplemented their food with varying flavors of Happy Hips canned food.

As a previous reviewer noted, Dogswell indeed changed the consistency of the food and as it appears, the ingredients as well. I'm sorry about the problems that reviewer's pup had with the food but I'm happy to say that all three of my dogs had no problems at all with the change. I just drastically reduced the amount served to acclimate them to the change and slowly increased portion size. But to be fair, two of my three dogs are VERY eager eaters and wouldn't notice a difference anyway but my Lab is quite finicky. But even she adjusted well.

Happy Hips is infused with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Perhaps it's not enough to make a tangible difference but I do feel better about serving it to my dogs in combination with their other joint supplements administered. They seem to really love the taste.

For the past couple of months, I've rotated away from the Happy Hips line but that's merely part of my regular dietary rotation for the dogs. Every few months, I change protein sources and even use different manufacturers to do so. I made the mistake of keeping my Lab on chicken protein sources for her first two years and now she's horribly allergic to chicken. Now I switch rather frequently to help avoid them developing problems. But Happy Hips has been great for my guys, they'll be back on it soon enough.

I'd recommend this product.

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I’ve focussed on the Vitality Chicken & recipe for this review, but all foods from Dogswell are similar, including the Happy Hips range.

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