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I bought this product to solve two problems and it did! The first was I have a couple of dogs who sleep on my bed with me. They chew bones and lick their feet. This duvet cover keeps my duvet clean and protected. The second, and probably more important to me personally, was that I am allergic to down. I love the weight and warmth of a down comforter, but I would wake up with migraines from using one. This duvet cover keeps the allergens inside so that I no longer have allergic reactions! I'm very happy with this product. It was everything I'd hoped it would be!

These dogs sleep on a down comforter. Both of these dogs used to sleep on cold hard concrete. WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT CHANGED? A Foster happened.

I have a grandson & dogs & wanted a waterproof cover to protect my down comforterThere are no interior ties to hold comforter in place & none to hold it in place when slipped in the decorative duvet coverIt bunches which makes things uncomfortable to sleep under

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LaCrosse® Reversible Dog Comforter features a 230-thread-count cotton shell Pets can bring joy and happiness but also dirt, hair and dander -- all of which can ruin your bedding. It isn’t always practical to wash your comforter, especially if it is filled with down or is a large size that requires a super-sized washing machine, so it is important to protect it from the dog’s muddy paws or the cat’s sharp claws. Follow a few easy steps to protect your bedding and you may not need to ban your furry friends from the bedroom.

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My dogs follow me all day long and I was constantly falling over them in my home office. I removed the closet doors and layed down 2 old couch cushions and covered them with comforters that I bought at a Thrift Store. It sleeps 2 dogs very comfortably and I have a lot more room to move around.

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And here in the land of the electric blanket and the 600-fill goose-down comforter, millions of pet owners are, like me, sacking out with their animals. A survey from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association found that about 62 percent of American dog and cat owners keep their animals in the house at night, and of those, about half the cats and one-third of the dogs spend the night on the bed. Dr. John Shepard Jr., a physician at the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center, discovered so many of his haggard patients slept with their animals that he did a survey to see how much the pets disturbed their sleep: About half the pet sleepers said their animal woke them nightly.I love this cover! I was looking for something that would protect my down comforter from dog stuff like hair, wet paws, and bodily fluids that happen with 4 dogs in the bed! This cover is so easy to wash and it protects my comforter from any and all stains! A pet owners dream! Thank you for making this!!The Cage Comforter Program also provides toys for the dogs and cats at the CACC. These animals can become bored and restless in their new confined quarters. Toys help keep them busy and help to alleviate the stress of being in a large, municipal shelter. Below are instructions, but feel free to improvise as long as the toys are safe, we’ll use them and the animals will love them!Sew a "Mousie:"Mousies are little rectangles with ribbon tails. Finished size is about 2" x 4".Cut fabric about 9" x 3". This allows for a one-inch seam all around.Fold fabric in half with wrong side facing out.Sew down each long side.Turn right side out. You can use a ruler to push out the corners, if necessary.Stuff with polyester fiberfill, batting scraps, or other soft material.Cut a few pieces of ribbon about 5" long.Fold in the raw edges of the opening.Sew one-third of the way across.Stick ends of the ribbons in about ½". Sew across the ribbons and close up the seam.Back-tack over the entire seam just to make sure that the tail pieces are very well attached. Sew a Doggy Toy: