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Until you determine the cause of shedding and dry skin and get it under control, it’s still possible to alleviate your pet’s discomfort and manage the situation. Keep shedding under control by grooming him more frequently using a de-shedding tool such as the Furminator. Use a shampoo formulated to reduce shedding and/or to calm irritated skin. You’ll also find over the counter supplements at pet supply stores developed to reduce shedding and improve coat and skin health in dogs and cats.

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If you bathe a dog too frequently, more than once a month or so, you run the risk of drying your dog’s skin. Between baths, a dog’s natural hair and skin chemistry reassert themselves, and you should give them time to do so. One potential solution between traditional baths is a homemade dry shampoo recipe for dogs. These homemade dry dog shampoos tend to involve baking soda, another item found in most homes and easy enough to get at any grocery store. Massaging a dry shampoo into your dog’s skin will give the dog the sensation of being petted and caressed without the resistance you might face in the traditional wet bath scenarios.

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, Home Remedies for Dry Skin on Dogs, The Daily Puppy, Retrieved November 24, 2013 my yellow lab has been itching for years and years. she’s stayed with my father up until now and he’s tried baths and everything and its never gone away. he didnt have the money to take her to the vet..but her skin is very pink she itches all the time and has even scarred her face, parts of her underside and ears are black and swollen from the constant scratching. i feel sooooo bad for her I cant bare AT ALL to watch anymore. Ive tried giving her Benadryl a couple of times to help relieve the itching for a few hours but even that doesnt help. So now Im off to try this in high HOPES that it will work. Poor baby doesnt deserve this. ALSO, I have a full prescription of Cephalexin which I read up on and is a safe antibiotic for dogs so I may try that as well because her ears itch her almost worse then he scarred body theyre swollen, black and smell. seems like an ear infection as well. but I hope feeding her olive oil helps!! is there “too much”? like could i put it in her food every night for the first week or so?

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If you are a dog owner, you would have seen how your dog spends a lot of time scratching himself or herself. However, if it gets excessive, you might have to try and find out what is causing this itching because it is obvious that your dog is in discomfort. Though there can be various reasons for the excessive scratching, one of the most prominent ones appear to be dry skin. (Which may have led you to want to learn more about home remedies for dogs dry itchy skin)

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