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On a message board for dog owners, I discovered a post by a dog owner who had spent thousands of dollars on trips to the vet and prescription medications, yet his dog's ears were not staying infection-free for more than a week or two at a time. He resorted to treating his dog's ear infections with Monistat (whose generic name is miconazole), an over-the-counter medicine for women with vaginal yeast infections. He combined Monistat with another OTC ingredient, hydrocortisone, which alleviates inflammation and itching.

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A fungus is an unusual organism. It typically grows in one of two forms: a fuzzy mycelial (like the mold we see growing on old food) or a microscopic seed-like form called yeast. When people refer to a yeast infection, they are actually talking about an infection with a fungus. A yeast called Malassezia pachydermatis lives in most ear canals and on most skin. In normal numbers it causes no problems; however, if the secretions in its environment favor its growth it will proliferate. In large numbers, Malassezia produces itching and irritation. Yeast infection with Malassezia is the most common type of ear infection in dogs and is frequently accompanied by bacterial infection. As with other types of infection, cleaning and topical medication are important parts of management. Often some kind of cortisone-derivative is needed to cut the inflammation and wax production in the ear canal to create an ear environment less conducive to yeast growth. As with other ear infections, follow up visits are important to prevent chronic on-going issues but if the underlying allergy, hormone-imbalance, ear conformation, etc. is not resolvable, on-going maintenance may be necessary.

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Dogs can come with their own host of medical concerns, and one of the most common are ear infections. Once an ear infection has been diagnosed, your vet will discuss the proper treatment and ways to prevent recurrence. In many cases, your vet will clean your dog's ears and send you home with ear medication to apply one to three times daily. You may also be sent with ear cleaner or ear flush and shown regularly. It is very important to comply with your vet's recommendations when it comes to managing ear infections. Otherwise, serious and potentially irreversible complications may develop. Next, learn how to treat an ear infection and prevent future ear infections.

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When the dog has chronic ear infection or the infection is advanced,the ear may be completely closed, so the medication or the ear dropscannot be inserted. In this case, surgery must be performed to open thedog’s ear canal. However, it is advisable that the dog gets some antiinflammatory medication first and if the ear canal doesn’t open, theonly solution is an ear surgery.

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