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The Pro Educator is available as a single or double receiver. The double receiver comes with two receivers on one collar, programmed to the same frequency. It also comes standard with a bungee collar in order to ensure good contact from both receivers. The advantage of two receivers is that the collar strap does not need to be as tight on the dog’s neck as it should be with only there's only one receiver.

PE-903 is a 3 dog version of the Pro Educator electronic remote dog training collar.

Many dogs don't respond adequately to traditional "positive only" training techniques but in most cases respond positively to the proper use of an Educator E-Collar. Many factors determine the success of training with e-collars the two most important factors are correct timing and proper stimulation level. We offer the only true stimulation remote dog trainer or e-collar on the market, the difference is like night and day, no extreme head jerking and no expressions of pain, as commonly found with imported remote dog training collars boasting their products to be humane.

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PE-903 is a 3 dog version of the Pro Educator electronic remote dog training collar. The Educator ET-302 is the two dog version of the ET-300. It has a 1/2 mile range and has many features unique to the Educator E-Collar Brand, making it the most humane and effective trainer available. Click Product Details

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After finding the lowest stimulation level that your dog responds to, this feature allows you to save the setting into the transmitter.

During high distraction situations, your dog may need a bit more stimulation to get his attention. This features allows you to preset a higher stimulation level (1 to 60) into the transmitter as well. With other brands you will constantly be fiddling with the stimulation levels and its easy to accedently over stimulate your dog especially in dangerous situations where you need to act quickly. With the Lock & Set and Booster features this is no longer a concern as everything is preset in advance and you never need to take your eye's off your dog to change settings.

This advanced COS (Control Of Stimulation) used in all Educator collars gives the owner the ability to fine-tune the perfect stimulation of the training collar for most temperaments of dogs. This COS improves training results and provides a better training experience for the owner and dog alike.

The Educator Mini has 5 training modes. Using the Vibration followed by low-level Momentary Stimulation mode will quickly teach your dog to respond to vibration only in a very short period of time.

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