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The Heated Dog Pad is a comfortable indoor sleeping pad you plug into an electrical outlet to help your dog stay warm. The Heated Dog Pad can be used alone or placed on top of your dog's bed. The heating pad found inside is also removable which makes it perfect for use year-round.

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Some dog house owners opt to place the pad under the house rather than inside it. That way the house never becomes too warm but the floor of the house never gets cold. It also prevents the dog from chewing on the pad. If you have an un-insulated dog house sitting directly on concrete, this approach be worth investigating. Personally, I would be nervous about having an electric pad directly exposed to outside moisture...

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Pet Dog Cat Puppy Waterproof Electric Heating Pad Heater Warmer Mat Bed Blanket In addition, The dog training collars that come with our model X-10 electronic dog fence system operate all our PAW products including the Power Pet Door, electronic fence, Radio mat scat pad, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fences. If you purchase a High Tech Pet X-10 electronic fence You can configure a custom electronic pet care system that will keep your dog contained in the yard, out of flower beds, off the couch and away from the trash can while giving him access to his personal Power Pet Door, all with a single collar. NOTHING COMPARES TO A GENUINE POWER PET

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Keeping dogs and cats safe and warm during winter months can be difficult in certain circumstances, especially if you are trying to keep the heat in your house low to save on energy costs, or you have an outdoor pet who needs a way to stay warm. A lot of people turn to electric blankets and mats that are intended to be used on humans to keep their pet warm. Standard heating pads that are designed for use by adults can be quite dangerous for pets to use for a variety of reasons. Luckily there are a lot of electric pet heating pads that are designed specifically for your cat or dog, that are inexpensive, work really well and do wonders keeping your pets warm. The following brands and products are the safest and best options if you are looking for a heating pad for your cat or dog.

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