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If you are looking for a durable dog pen for dogs that are active or anxious, or likely to chew, this dog pen is a good choice. It has a durable black coating which resists corrosion and works well for dogs who like to jump. (Extra sturdy, for large dogs who like to test the borders of their pens and chew. Optional top for jumpers – 42″ model) Durable long lasting black coating.

Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-24"  For Dogs 1-25 lbs. 8 Panels-(24"H x 24"W) Weight: 21 lbs.

Quick product review and demo of the BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Fence. We got this to allow our two small dogs to enjoy being outdoors to poop and pee without having it scattered all over our fenced yard. Judging from the fact that they don't whine or bark while there, they actually seem to enjoy having a special place in the yard.

This was the second of these pens we purchased. The first one worked well and we wanted to expand the area in which the dogs could do their business. Our pug and chihuahua mix are happy with the product.

It was very easy to assemble - simply slide the anchor poles into the slots along the edge of each panel. Many shapes are possible. Each kit contains one gate.

Amazon description: "This 40" High Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is the must have for your dog, it is easy to set up and you have tons of way to set it up both indoor or outdoor. You can connect multiple playpens together and set up as a rectangle or octagon"
Each Panel is 40" High, 31" Wide
One easy to open door
Heavy Duty 1/2" Tube Frame

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Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-30"  For Dogs 26-40 lbs. 8 Panels-(30"H x 24"W) Weight: 24 lbs. Pet Trex Premium Quality 24" Exercise Playpen for Dogs Eight 24" x 24" High Panels with Gate - I hope you realize that this dog exercise pen is one of the most budget friendly items which you can find on the web. I am glad that you discovered this site since I can suggest this product to you especially now that the price tag is extremely low. This product is mentioned that it can allow any pet to have fun outside while remaining in a secure area. The reviews are right. This is a really wonderful dog exercise pen for individuals who want a very realistic and properly designed item. If you take into consideration their modest selling price, these are great. If you like to go shopping then you'll love this item since it is tremendously inexpensive.

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While exercise pens are strong, they have some limitations: they should not be used with a multitude of dogs or larger dogs that can knock them over. Also, it's important to keep in mind that exercise pens are not a substitute for actual exercise that your dog needs to stay healthy and happy.

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These 24" Exercise Pens are great for dogs weighing 11 - 25 lbs, although they can be used for smaller dogs. Each has eight panels, 24" wide making the pen 16 linear feet x 2 feet tall. Available in a Black E-Coat finish with, or without the door, or in a Gold Zinc finish with door.Gold Zinc Pet Exercise pen-24"
For Dogs 1-25 lbs. Size: 8 Panels-(24"H x 24"W) Weight: 23 lbs.
Price: $49.95