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with any of our small dog carriers & strollers. Pet carriers come in all sorts of sizes, styles and colors. Hard-shell pet carriers might be used if you are transporting your pet on an airline in the cargo area or if you are looking for extra stability during the transport of your pet. Soft-sided pet carriers might be your choice if your smaller pet can ride under the seat in the cabin or if you are carrying your furry friend against your body. Pet carriers should not only be functional for your pet, but they can also make a fashion statement about you or your pet's personality.

Pet Champion Extra Small 19

The Pet Champion extra-small pet carrier is the perfect way to travel with comfort and safety for your pet. Designed for dogs that weigh up to 10 pounds and approved by most airlines.

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Pet Champion Extra Small 19 Pet Champion Extra Small 19" Pet Dog Carrier, Brown/Black: 4 side-sliding bone clips that providing no tool assembly Overlapping edges for easy top and bottom alignment 100 percent high-grade plastic and steel construction Approved by most airlines...

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The material from which the dog carrier is made should be sturdy. Not only does the carrier allow owners to carry their small dogs and keep them from escaping or wandering loose in a public area, but it also provides the pets with some level of protection in case of impact or jarring. In an airport, the carrier protects the dog from being struck by a heavy or from being stepped on by hurrying travelers. In a car, it keeps them from being thrown into the front seat or through a window if the driver has to stop suddenly. Many carriers are made from thick, sturdy plastic, while others are made of metal or wire. Wire carriers are not appropriate for airline travel, so most airlines require a or carrier instead. Some carriers for very small dogs may be ,, include extra padding, and resemble carry-on luggage. However, these kinds of carriers are not always permitted on planes and do not always offer sufficient airflow. Whatever its structure may be, the carrier should be stable and balanced, difficult to tip or knock over.

We use this for our two small dogs when we travel and it works well