Pet gates help keep your pet safe & out of trouble

Extra tall dog gates, just like standard size , are available in various mounting options. Hardware mounted extra tall dog gates are securely mounted to the wall and as a result are extra sturdy. High dog gates are perfect for containing a large dog in one area of the house.

Gates For Pets-Indoor Retractable, Pet Sitter Gates, Extra Tall, Extra Wide, Cat, Dogs, Safety

Hardware mounted extra tall dog gates aren't as easy to move from doorway to doorway because they require some assembly to mount but you can be confident your dog gate isn't going to fall down. If you are interested in portable extra tall dog gates, consider purchasing a pressure mounted gate. A is simple and easy to move from place to place so you can use it wherever you want to contain your dog. They also work well as a gate for use at the top of stairs, or on the bottom. Another advantage is that pressure-mounted extra tall dog gates won't damage your walls and doorways the way a will.

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Gates For Pets-Indoor Retractable, Pet Sitter Gates, Extra Tall, Extra Wide, Cat, Dogs, Safety
Welcome to the Extra Tall Dog Gates superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, our goal is to make owning and loving a dog as worry-free as possible. That's why we've searched far and wide to get our paws on the most secure dog gates available to make sure your furry friends stay where you want them. We know pet owners appreciate having a wide assortment of options in order to find the perfect solutions for their pets, and we're pleased to be able to bring those options to you. Here you'll find the best dog safety gates on the web, all priced at up to 70% less than what you'd pay anywhere else!

Extra tall gates are ideal for pet owners with dogs who see every barrier as a challenge. Our gates range from just over two feet all the way up to four feet high to keep your dog safe and give you peace of mind. With wood, metal and wire extra tall pet gates from the leading manufacturers of pet barriers (including Carlson Pet Gates and Four Paws), we definitely have the perfect fit for your home. Easy to set up, easy to remove and completely safe for your pets and home - what could be better? Feel free to browse our whole collection to find the perfect extra tall gate for your dog!

Tough chew proof metal construction

We all love our dogs, but sometimes for their own protection (and ours) we have to keep them away from certain areas. Whether you want to keep your dog out of the kitchen during cooking, away from the dining room table during dinner, out of the guest area at a party, separate from young children and infants or safely at the bottom of the stairs, a secure, durable, convenient and easy-to-install wooden safety gate can be the perfect solution for you.

Pet Mountain's Metal Dog Gate Store features top quality, super durable gates designed to suit the needs of every pet, owner and home. Whether you are looking a safety gate that allows only humans through, a gate with a small pet door to allow cats and smaller pets through at will, or standalone gates to create makeshift pens, we've got what you need. The is made of heavy-duty tubular steel with a durable, non-toxic white enamel finish. An easy lift handle allows easy, one-hand access. The gate securely locks at the top and bottom to prevent accidental opening, making this gate perfect for keeping your pet where he belongs in the house. The features a pressure mount system that is easy to install and remove. Featuring a simple design and convenient to use, this gate is ideal for any busy household. The is a convenient, one-touch, walk-thru design gate. Whether setting it up for the first time or removing it to take to another place in your home, the Carlson Extra Tall Gate pressure mount system is easy to install and remove.

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Pet Mountain products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry. At Pet Mountain, we buy in bulk and develop programs with our network of suppliers that focus on giving you more for your money. Like you, we care about our pets. Its all about giving our dogs, cats, birds and other pets a good life!

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