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I have two dogs, and as much as I’d love to take them everywhere with me, sometimes it’s just not practical. If you’re traveling and can’t take your dog with you, read these tips for finding a dog sitter you can trust:

Highly rated pet sitters offer advice for finding the right cat sitter or dog sitter, to avoid pet sitting problems.

Do a quick Internet search for “dog sitters,” and you’ll find dozens of sites—some free; some that require a monthly fee. I’ve personally used (free) and (paid). Both sites were easy to use, had all of the information I was looking for, and included reviews from other pet parents. My recommendation: Use one of the free websites that includes reviews, such as , or .

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How did you find a pet sitter for your handicapped dog? I’d love to add your suggestion to this story! The sleek layout of DogVacay makes it simple to find a loving home to board your pet while you are away. Hosting hundreds of pet sitters in your area, many with dozens of rave reviews, DogVacay is ready to pair you with the ideal pet sitter. This service also offers the option to look in on your pet’s stay, with video chatting and live updates on how your pooch is doing.

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Do you know how to find a pet sitter for your handicapped dog? If you are the pet parent of a paraplegic dog or cat or any pet with disabilities, you know taking care of their needs is a demanding 24/7 job. While I like to call our paralyzed pups “handicapable” because of all the life, energy, and love they have to share; it is equally true that they need our constant support to accomplish normal daily activities. As their caretaker this can leave you feeling exhausted physically and mentally.

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Pet sitting differs from dog walking in a couple of different ways. First, pet sitters often care for many types of pets, whereas dog walkers strictly deal with dogs. Pet sitting can be for a wide variety of family pets such as cats, birds, rabbits, turtles, fish and many more.

Additionally, we find that dog walking is popular within major metropolitan cities in which pet owners want their dog to be removed from the apartment or home for exercise. Pet sitting is more often used within suburban areas, in which a pet sitter can enter ones home and provide necessary services for the pet for an allotted period of time.

Finally, pet sitting can consist of multiple pet-related tasks within ones home, whereas dog walking usually is as described. Some of the more common pet sitting tasks include letting the dog out, feeding all of the family pets, providing medications, replacing the water and many other useful pet care services.