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When your dog gets fleas, you may hesitate to use a harsh pesticide treatment on him. For a more natural solution to your problem, try a mixture of Listerine mouthwash and water. The Listerine gets rid of fleas on the dog, and can also be used to kill fleas on the household spaces where they may have spread. The diluted Listerine is safe to use on a dog's skin because the water takes away some of the bite that could sting.

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Everyone loves having friends and family visit, but some house guests can easily wear out their welcome. If your pesky visitors are fleas, these tiny pests can infest your dog and invade your home all year long. Specifically formulated for the protection of both adult dogs and puppies, Advantage II Once-A-Month Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs & Puppies kills fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae. In addition, this dynamic formula treats, prevents and controls lice infestations directly on your best canine companion. Advantage II flea control drops also helps to protect your dog from flea infestations, as this special formula helps to eliminate fleas on treated dogs, while it also prevents fleas from being able to reproduce. This effective flea medication for dogs even works on dogs that enjoy wading, swimming, boating or other water activities. If your dog loves the water, then these drops will be just perfect for him, since these drops feature a unique waterproof formula. Studies have shown your dog will still be protected even after exposure to water, whether your dog has gone for a swim, has been given a bath or has been in the rain. This unique Advantage II formula does not expire, just as long as it remains unopened and is properly stored according to the package instructions.

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6 Month Supply, For Dogs over 55 lbs. Once-a-month topical treatment for fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and lice. Safe for dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older. Hello there Diane! Thanks for looking out for your dogs and wanting to give them a better flea and tick treatment. I have written an article here about diatomaceous earth. This is a natural material that destroys the bodies of ticks and fleas. You can read more in this article

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I found this page whilst googling for a natural remedy for fleas as I have a small infestation at the moment and refuse to use Advocate or Frontline on my dogs anymore. I am shocked to read the amount of pets that have seizures after using flea treatment. My old vet once gave me Frontline Plus as a freebie to use on my Chihuahua – she got so sick, she nearly died and the vet bill was huge. Of course the vet would make no connection! She now suffers from epilepsy and there is no way I would use toxic flea treatments on her ever again. I have had 3 dogs now suffer from epilepsy over the years and I definitely blame the flea treatments and vaccinations – no doubt whatsoever. Sadly our dogs are being slowly poisoned from puppies onwards and us owners trust we are doing the right thing. Awful.

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