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The most important factor in preventing fleas from taking over your home is your dog’s overall health and immune system. A healthy dog will naturally repel parasites and fleas will seek weaker animals who are easier targets.

Fleas can infest dogs, cats, rodents, and other mammals. People can be bitten by fleas as well.

Because humans can contract hookworms from animals, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene. It is also important to eliminate fleas on your pet and in the household and to not feed your pet rodents or uncooked meat or fish. To prevent reinfection, daily cleanup of stools is recommended. Do not use on sick, weak, or underweight animals. Do not apply to wet hair. Dogs should be tested for heartworms prior to using Revolution. In humans, Revolution may be irritating to skin and eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after applying Revolution to your pet.

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Here are the best natural flea home remedies to get rid of fleas on dogs and in your home… So, these drugs work by destroying the insects’ nervous systems. If it’s deadly for fleas and ticks, how might it affect a dog? It remains in your dog’s blood stream for extended periods of time, after all.

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Plus, if you’re trying to control fleas from a natural and holistic perspective, then you have to be sure to treat all of the parts involved — and some spaces (like your dog’s indoor bedding, compared to your dog’s space outdoors) may require different forms of treatment than others.

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Fleas are a pretty common problem for both cats and dogs. When the weather starts warming up, fleas can run rampant in your yard and bite your pet. Bravecto is the first oral chew for dogs to provide up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks. One chew provides broad-spectrum and long-lasting protection that starts to kill fleas within 2 hours and controls 4 tick species: black-legged tick (a.k.a. deer tick), American dog tick, brown dog tick, and lone star tick. Bravecto eliminates current flea infestations and prevents new ones from developing for 12 weeks. With one chew, Bravecto is easier to give and less to worry about for you! Bravecto requires a prescription from your veterinarian.