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Product Flexi Comfort Long Dog Lead DFQXS-1029PUQYS Summary:
Give your small dog, cat or other small animal freedom whilst on the leash with this Flexi Comfort Long 1. This classic retractable cord leash is suitable for pets of maximum weight 12kg and offers you the option to keep your four-legged friend on any length of leash up to a maximum of 8m. Flexi are a popular choice due to their reliability, Flexibility and comfortable hold. This leash features an extra soft handle to really make sure that walking is a joy and much more relaxed for both parties.

Flexi Retractable Giant Neon Dog Lead 8m, L Size Dog Leash, for a Dog up to 50kg

Eat Sleep Play home dog boarding based in Flanshaw Wakefield offers daycare and overnight boarding.
With a real home from home experience which is a great alternative to been left home alone or kennels.
Daycare hours are between Mon to Fri 7am and 7pm Sat and Sun 8am to 6pm
Flexible drop off and pick up times for our overnight boarding.
At Eat Sleep Play your dog will be treated as part of my family while staying with me.
I am fully licensed by Wakefield MDC and fully insured.
I have an Alaskan Malamute cross and 4 children so there is always plenty of playtime and fuss to be enjoyed.
I started Eat Sleep Play home dog boarding due to my love of dogs.
I come from a family that owned a dog or three and i have owned dogs of various sizes.
I have worked in boarding and quarantine kennels.
We will walk, play and pet your dog just as we do with our own dog.
We walk the dogs on an 8m flexi lead.I will not walk your dog off the lead.
Your dog is free to come and go as it pleases anywhere in the ground floor rooms and gardens.
We have a large secure garden with 6 ft fencing locked gates and cctv.
At the rear of our house is a large open field.
Close by we have a large meadow and two large parks for more interesting walks.
I will update you daily via social media text or email.
Giving you peace of mind that your dog is in good hands.

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Flexi Retractable Giant Neon Dog Lead 8m, L Size Dog Leash, for a Dog up to 50kg Flexi leads, also known as retractable leads, are long lines where the lead extends out of a plastic handle as the dog walks away from you, and retracts as the dog comes closer again. They all come with a button that stops the lead from extending or retracting and a button to lock the stop down. The standard length is 5 metres but you can get 3m, 8m and 10m versions.

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