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When buying a pet crate, ensure that you do not indulge in an overly spacious model. Keep the large pet crate for bigger dogs. The space inside the crate for dogs should give your pooch enough room to move and turn around with ease. This means that, the pooch should not find himself hitting the sides or the top (ceiling of the crate). Basically it is important for your pet to be able to sit straight up without banging their head. Invest in folding dog cages where they can lay down on the surface with their paws stretched out. Take special care with small dog cage and puppy crates. Make sure that the crate does not end up cramping up your dog. The only way it will love their new “den” is if they seek natural comfort and don’t feel caged.

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Both types to dog crates have their advantages. Wire dog cages have excellent ventilation, are easy to clean and can be purchased in a folding style which makes storage and transportation easy. On the other hand, dog kennels made of plastic offer the dog privacy and are the only dog crates approved for airline travel.

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