However, are grain free dog foods really better for your dog?

Hi Sue, You should definitely try this recipe and see if it helps. There are many grain-free dog food brands out there. I personally don’t give my dog traditional food (I give her a few raw eggs, frozen fruit and a scoop of peanut butter). A lot of people believe in a raw diet for dogs. Personally I can’t give you any real advice since I’m not a vet but I do suggest you do some research. Hope this recipe helps. Thanks for giving your guy a good life! xo

Sportmix Wholesomes Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3.5 stars.

I don’t agree, I simply think he is just warning people of the bad possibility out there. me myself im looking for a free dog for the family, for myself my wife and the kids because I really cant afford the adoption fees. even thou I cant afford the fee I agree with it because it keeps the creeps away, a $300. meal for a snake or training practice is too much.

So, how can you find a quality grain-free dog food?

The Sportmix Wholesomes Grain Free product line includes three dry dog foods. I think the best thing to do is try it if you want. I went grain free for my dogs about three weeks ago and now they’re shedding considerably less, their hair is shiny and super soft, they are eating far less, and they are pooing less. The biggest difference, however, is the smell. They haven’t been bathed since we switched but they don’t have the usual dog smell anymore. Even our 120 pound lab’s smell has went from smelly dog to just-bathed fresh. I’ve been amazed at the change. They just overall look better.

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Hi Janice-
I have fed the rolled Freshpet food that you are describing to my dogs as a topper before. I think it is a good product. You could still feed as a topper if they like it. I don’t think that a non grain free food will necessarily cause a dog to shed unless it is sensitive to them. Is the hair falling out in clumps and he has bald spots? It definitely is shedding season right now as the temperatures are warming up. I took my two lab mix dogs in yesterday to a groomer to get rid of all their dead hair. Here is a link to a download that may give you some ideas for meal mixers:
My dogs get canned food mixed in every morning. It’s just easiest at 4:30 am! For their afternoon meal, they get an egg and tripe, commercial raw or sardines. I feed the raw because it contains some organ meat, greens and some fruit. That way I don’t have to add those separately. But you sure can if you have the time and energy! Oh, and I add fish oil pill a few times per week also.
Has the new food arrived yet?

My dog has also gone grain free! Amelia is soooooooo cute.

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