Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Sweet Potato Dog Treats 2 Oz

Dogs can now beat the heat thanks to Whole Life Unbaked Sweet Potato & Carrot Flavor Freeze-dried Dog Treats. These functional treats are the first no-bake biscuits with a base of garbanzo beans and pumpkin, along with flax seeds and olive oil to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. The freeze drying process eliminates the need to apply heat, intensifying the rich natural flavors and ensuring these power packed snacks maintain the full nutritional value of each and every ingredient.

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Are you looking for rawhide alternatives? Your dog will love these fresh, 100% natural, dried sweet potatoes from Canine Caviar. These delicious, healthy treats are fat free, rich in beta carotene, antioxidants, potassium, and Vitamins A, B6 & C. They do not contain added coloring so they won’t stain your carpets.

PureVita Freeze Dried Chicken Giblets & Sweet Potato Dog Treats

PureVita Beef Liver & Sweet Potato Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, 3-oz bag; The makers of NutriSource proudly bring you PureVita Brand P I have found that using a mandolin to slice well-scrubbed sweet potatoes into circles gives me the easiest way to ensure the slices are even and all dehydrate at the same rate. Because only half the treats need to be treated with enzymes, I fill 2 or 3 trays with sliced sweet potatoes for Dolly (the healthy dog) and the same number of trays for Lucy. For Lucy's treats I mix 1 tsp of 8X enzymesdiane with a tablespoon of water per sweet potato - usually I can fill 1 tray with slices from 1 sweet potato. So for 2 trays, use 2 potatoes and 2 tsp. of the enzymes with 2 tbsp. of water. I spread the enzyme mixture on the potatoes in Lucy's trays with a basting brush. I set the dehydrator to 120 degrees for 5 hours. When finished, I put the treats in separate freezer bags so as not to mix them up. The dogs both love these treats and they are a great way to ensure your EPI dog continues to receive daily "rewards". Another way I use to distinguish between the enzyme treats and the plain is to sprinkle dried kelp or an herb on one of the batches.

PureVita Freeze Dried Chicken Giblets & Sweet Potato Dog Treats.

Treat your dog to a healthy, tasty snack with Pet 'n Shape's Freeze Dried Chicken Liver PLUS, a 100 percent natural treat that's been freeze dried to preserve the aroma, full flavor, and complete nutritional value. Along with the high-quality protein found in chicken liver, the freeze dried sweet potato and broccoli add a delicious flavor while also adding v

PureVita Beef Liver & Sweet Potato Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, 3-oz bag