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If you’re concerned about how a life jacket or life vest will fit your french bulldog, remember that you can always try one size and then return it if it doesn’t fit properly. Amazon has an amazing return policy and . Your frenchie’s life jacket should be snug in fit but not tight. Your frenchie must be able to breathe easily while wearing the life jacket. Dry test the fit then let your frenchie play in the water for a few minutes. After that, adjust as needed.

Three-year-old French Bulldog, Kenya, swims in the Indian Ocean at Whitfords Beach... in a doggie life vest!!!

Blue French bulldogs are not good swimmers. They don’t do well in the water, and they don’t like the water. Some dogs are great swimmers and love to spend time in the water whether it’s in the pool or the ocean or lake, but blue French bulldogs are not good around water. It’s believed that their short legs make it difficult of them to swim, which is always a problem when a dog has to spend time in the water. This is a dog that absolutely must have a life vest on if it is near water, whether it is near the pool or on the boat. If you live near a body of water, expect that your dog will not spend much time near the water – he or she will not have any desire to go near the water.

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any advice on a good life vest for a french bulldog? : frogdogs - Reddit My French bull dog can not swim...but loves the water. I was struggling to find a life vest that fit well and that would hold up his stocky little body. After reading reviews about the float coat, I figured I would give it a try (at this point need- outweighed cost). I ordered from Zappos because I love this site for shoes! When it arrived:The float coat is by far the highest quality pup life vest I had seen; It fit extremely well and my pup could still easily walk white wearing it. We tested it out the next day and after the first dip in the water knew we had found out vest. The float coat is durable: so I feel safe about the snaps staying secure and the handle being solid. For the most part this vest will float my pup. Keep in mind my dog can't swim, and his head is like a bowling ball, so I will always be near him as he is in the water...but I feel safer knowing this vest is the best solution for him (for a dog that could swim this vest would be perfect- the way it holds their position in the water would be great for a swimmer!).

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Multifunctional swimming vest (life jacket) with removable floating foam pads. A great help for swimming, and useful for lifting the dog, because the foam pads are practical for pressure distribution (rehabilitation vest). Remove the floating foam pads from their packets, and you'll have a neoprene jacket, which protects your dog from the rain, wind and cold. As a swimming vest it's a practical help for hydrotherapy -- with reducing or increasing the number of the floating pads you can change the level of excercises. With a strong handle and a ring for the leash it's easy to control or hold the dog. Highly recommended for those dog breeds (English and French Bulldogs) which are more challenged in swimming due to their physical abilities. Life jacket is supplied with two foam pads (for the chest and back part).
Available in four sizes, the foam pads can be ordered even separately

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Swimming and French Bulldogs do not go hand in hand