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In this funny Halloween story, a dachsund wears a hot dog costume and saves his friends.

I make no secret of my love for Doctor Who. Lisa Ancarrow-Maltby handcrafted these costumes for her . Bailey dons the iconic scarf and hat of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, while buddy Reba plays the part of the Doctor’s time and space vehicle, the TARDIS. Who knows what these precocious Pugs think about Doctor Who cosplay or funny dog pictures, for that matter; I think they’re a .

Funny Dog Costume Ideas on Pinterest | Unique Halloween Costumes

Dog Christmas Costumes Pet Santa Claus Funny Fancy Dress #RubiesCostumeCoInc Funny dogs Maymo & Penny show off 17 different dog costumes in this halloween dog costume compilation. Watch this cute beagle duo dressed in everything from elephants to penguins, to peas and carrots, and even Star Wars characters. Watch til the end for a compilation of the two funny dogs eating treats as a reward for all their hard work.

Dog in costume > funny & cute. A perfect canine super hero!


Hi! My name is Brit and I'm a cute miniature poodle. I have lots of very funny and cute videos that I hope you enjoy! Here is the channel in case you want to check them.

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When you want to bring out the adorable comedian from your pooch, look no further than our wide array of Funny Dog Costumes here at Costume Kingdom!Dressing dogs in costumes on Halloween has become increasingly more popular over recent years. In fact, popular Halloween stores have now dedicated entire sections of their stores just for pet costumes. Besides offering the typical ghosts, witches and pumpkins, designers have become much more creative when it comes to Halloween Costumes for dogs. Based on some of the greatest TV and movie characters, pop stars, animals and more, dog costumes are more unique and humorous than ever! Thanks to our friends at the , check out the list we’ve created of the top 10 most outrageous and funny Halloween costumes for dogs!Living Teddy Bear, Cutest Dog Costume How to Make teddy bear dog costumes?

Isn't this the cutest dog, shih tzu, in the cutest costume?
Your dog will look like a living teddy bear which you will hug to sleep at night.

How to make the cutest and most adorable dog costume, in just a few minutes and for only a few dollars? It is really so easy and anybody can do this.

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Make funny dog videos which is lots of fun. Thanks to CindysMunchkin :)A dog costume needn’t be any more complicated than a toasted bun, as this baby puppy proves! I don’t know what I found best about this funny dog photo. Is it the stark simplicity of the background? The staid features of the clearly befuddled puppy? I think it might be the long arm hoisting the puppy hot dog in a gesture of defiant pride as though this were the greatest idea in all of history.