furminator Furminators: either you love them or you hate them

The undercoat rake I use on Nemo, my Pyr, does nothing for the little guys. The tines are too big and far apart, its like dragging a spoon through their fur. For the smaller/medium size animals the FURminator is great. On the Pyr, even borrowing a Large Dog/Long Hair variant, is pretty useless. The brush gums up with hair in about 2 inches and is jammed in Nemo's fur. He generally loves the rake and will lay around, moving to direct where I brush, for hours if I'll do the work (longest time brushed? Das Boot, directors cut.) Nemo hates the FURminator and would head for another room after the first few tries. Honestly, a Pyr has pretty awesome and unique fur for a dog, it is no surprise. I'd doubt the FURminator would be much use on dogs like St. Bernards or Bernese Mountain Dogs, but likely would have worked on my Malamute.

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The patented FURminator deShedding Tool for Large Dogs quickly and easily removes (without cutting) the loose, dead, undercoat hair that's the underlying source of a pet owner's major complaint: shedding and the allergies and cleanliness problems associated with it. This large FURminator grooming brush's uniquely designed stainless steel edge grabs loose undercoat hair and harmlessly removes it without damaging the topcoat. For added convenience, it has a FURejector button that cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. By one simple push of the button, the hair is released. Developed specifically for use with large dogs, this FURminator deShedding Tool features a sleek, ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip. Short and long hair coat breeds have different grooming needs. This user-friendly and effective deShedding tool has been designed to meet the needs of your larger dog's coat. By simply choosing the long or short hair version of this tool, grooming your favorite four-legged friends will be done faster and easier. This tool features a stainless steel edge that reaches deep beneath your dog's long or short topcoat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair quickly and easily. Your pet's lustrous coat is an indication of the superb care you provide for him. By reducing shedding by up to 90%, this FURminator tool will enable you to share your home with your beloved pets, without surrendering it to their pet hair.

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De-shedding is a breeze with FURminator pet grooming and cleaning products! The DakPets deshedding tool for dogs is much lighter, but it doesn't have an ergonomically designed handle. One thing that the DakPets tool has over the FURminator brush is its removable head. With the simple push of a button you can slide the head off for easy cleaning and safe storage.

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The FURminator grooming brushes are made for dogs only. They are made for dogs with short to long coats or curly coats. The bristles on the brushes get rid of any tangles or mats in the fur while keeping the animal's coat intact. All of the brushes are designed to match with the contours of a dog's body, so fur gets brushed evenly without bending the bristles on the brush.

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