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The Torus Water Bowl is a sort of donut-shaped bowl that holds 1/2 gallon (2 liters) of water in its reservoir. This means that you have approximately two days’ worth of water for most dogs and even more for your cat.

My heated dog bowl is 1.5 gallons so not much of an advantage in doing that for me, except it might be easier to replace the water and to clean up

This fountain does what it claims – it allows dogs to drink freshly filtered water from any side of the bowl. With the capacity to hold 1-gallon of water, it is ideal for large dogs or multiple pets. The stainless steel design makes it easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher. Customers love that there’s nowhere for grime to hide.

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer Blue Dog Bowl.

Dishes Feeders and Fountains 177789: Sir Aqua Ii Automatic Pet Dog Cat Water Bowl 1.8 Gallon BUY IT NOW ONLY: $37.99. With a water capacity of 3.5 gallons, durable plastic bowl, and dual filtration system, the Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain is perfect for outdoor use or multi-dog homes.

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer Blue Dog Bowl | Petco

Is it sanitary to use a 5-gallon water dispenser for two dogs (20 lb and 15 lb)? Since, we can’t actually clean the dispenser daily, is it better to go back to the water bowls (that I did clean and refill twice a day)?

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are good for indoor use, but may not be the best choice outside. As the water level drops from your dogs drinking, it becomes more likely the bowls might be turned over. Plus, a lot of dogs (Labradors in particular) like to dig in their water bowls. The we carry is about 96 ounces or 3/4 gallon.The holds 2.5 gallons of water. Just flip it down and the bowl section fills with water, automatically refilling as your dogs drink. It will continue to refill until the reservoir is empty. When your dogs are done, flip it back up and all the unused water will drain back into the storage reservoir. The , which holds up to 1.5 gallons of water, works in a similar manner.The biggest downside to just filling up water bowls whenever you let your dogs out is that you end up dumping out whatever they don't drink. When you are carrying eight or fifteen dogs with you, wasted water is not a good idea. As an alternative, we recommend the . Buddy Bowls are plastic spill-proof bowls that hold about 1/2 gallon of water. They will not leak or lose water between stops and are especially good when you are only traveling with a couple of dogs. Plus, when one of your dogs gets hot, you can leave a Buddy Bowl in their crate so they have access to water the entire time. If you do choose to leave water in their crate, we recommend you add flooring in your dog boxes so if water does spill, your dog is not going to be laying in it. You don't want your dog laying in water for a prolonged period of time.The Pet Lodge Ever Full Dog Waterer stays full! Simply attach the 3/4 in. hose (included) to your garden hose, turn on the tap, and the bowl fills to the perfect drinking level. The automatic float controls the water level so there is no spilling or overflows. The bowl is automatically replenished every time your dog drinks, so the water always stays fresh. Made of chew-proof, rust-resistant galvanized steel for years of service.