Plastic pet doors on the market just don't have style

iving your dog free access to an enclosed backyard or garden can make life easier for you and more interesting for your pet. You won't have to listen to anymore whining at the back door for play time or toilet time. Learning how to install dog doors at home is easy when you have the right tools, a checklist of things to do and know-how.

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I had a very similar experence about six months ago (referring to the first post). House was finaled under the UBC four years ago by me (no dogie door then). The house was sold and the new homeowner takes out a permit for a small remodel in the living room upper floor framing. At the framing inspection the garage door was open, and I was able to see that a pet door had been installed in the 20 min. door in the occupancy seperation. Homeowner was home and I advised him of the issue, in terms I thought he could understand, (you know his families safety). I might as well been talking to the pet door, homeowner just snorted and walked away. I felt obligated to at least let him know of the safety concern, and have left it up to his conscious. We in the building safety line of work should at least advise a homeowner of the concern, as most would not know the risk, and let them make the choice (only in the case of a previously finaled house). And what about carbon monoxide, sure most cars now are fuel injected, but still alot of people let thier cars idle in the garage for extended periods of time. Remember self closing tight fitting doors in the UBC?

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My Man-Cave Part 1—DIY Dog Fence for Garage Doors — Imaginary Zebra™ // IZ™ Does anyone have experience with the "weather seal pet door" invented/promoted by Luther Kennels of Casselton? ()
I have been using the gundoghousedoor for 10+ years and it's a solid door. The only thing I don't like about it is the banging/slapping when dog goes in/out. I suppose it could also be a bit drafty/inefficient for a heated garage. I'm in process of building heated garage and will be installing 2 dog doors. I'm not sure if I should stick with gundoghousedoor or try something different. Any insight is appreciated.

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Regardless of the placement of the dog door, a weather seal is highly recommended. When the is on, cool air escapes to the outside every time an outside door is opened. For this reason, basic flap-entry models are not the best choice for energy conservation. To keep the air conditioning or heat indoors, pet owners should look into energy-efficient dog doors.

Energy-efficient flap models are available, with flaps that are double wide or otherwise insulated. The pet owner may wish to abandon the flap style altogether and instead seek a solid-paned door that either slides or locks. With its more secure construction, this type of door is ideal when safety is a concern.

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