do you find ticks too, or do the garlic pills work 100% for your dogs

I just discovered that my 160 lb rottie/chow mix has ticks! I've always heard that garlic will keep them from getting worms, and it only makes sense, that ticks would not like the flavor, either. The products like Frontline, etc. are so expensive! I am going to start putting garlic powder in his food. I found that after he got neutered, and had to take pain pills, that if I put the pill inside a big dollop of peanut butter, I had no problem getting him to take the pills. I think I'll try it with fresh garlic, I cannot bare to live with gross ticks! I've had him for 6 years, and we have never had fleas or ticks, I think they must be coming from my new neighbor's dogs. I also bought some organic flea/tick dip, I'm going to give that a try, too. Has anyone had success with fresh garlic to keep ticks off their dog?

This lady from another site is insisting that garlic pills are safe for dogs

As far as my experience with giving dogs garlic, I would NEVER reccomend that anyone give their dogs garlic. The vet that owns the animal hospital that I took both of my anemic dogs to said that it was unheard of for someone to have 2 dogs become anemic shortly one right after another. Now I realize that giving the dogs so many garlic pills for fleas daily may have contributed to their medical problem. I have always regretted giving my dogs these pills and wish I knew then what I know now. My one dog may still be alive if I did.

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Seeing all of the garlic pills for dogs to repel fleas, I used - JustAnswer Garlic Feeding Method: For the person asking how to administer garlic to her pet: my former wife found that unpleasant-tasting medications can be disguised in peanut butter. She wrapped the heart worm prevention capsule in peanut butter (this works great, assuming someone out there knows something I am not aware of relative to peanut butter and pets). Also, a woman I talked to recently says she feeds garlic pills to her three dogs once a month (she buys these pills at her nearby 99-cent store in 30-tablet bottles; however, I don't know the strength of these pills). Perhaps someone out there can tell us about how much and in what form?

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I have 2 one year old Shih-Tzus. They both have the Shih-Tzu skin problems. I used to like giving garlic to the dogs but was told it was bad for them. Now I am totally confused. How do you give the dogs garlic without them spitting it out?? I mixed garlic powder in their rice while I cook it. I have seen garlic pills. Can they have those?? They are in the vitamin isle at the store. How do you decide how much they can have. Both of my boys are around 11 pounds. My poor bebies are going nuts with them on them. We have used bathes, Bio-Spot (which was useless) Baking soda bathes and now we are seeing them run and hide even if we go to the bathroom for our own use. If garlic is safe then I want to use that. They are our babies and we hate seeing them so agitated. What amount is good? Why not powder?? Isn't that just dried garlic?? The capsules?? How much is good for them? Thanks.

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