Best Extra Large Dog Beds For Large Dogs & Giant Breeds.

We have a rehomed Great Dane and she is our first giant breed dog. She has a wonderful life with us, and we love her dearly, but we just couldn't find a full size comfortable and supportive bed for her anywhere. That is until we discovered Henry Hottie, and the wonderful people behind this fantastic product. The XXL is an enormous bed, firm and supportive, strong and good looking - in fact a lot like our Dane! She is a wonderful dog who deserves the best, and Henry Hottie has been the perfect answer.
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DIY dog bed for giant breed dogs. Wood elevated dog bed. Wouldn't it be Lovely

How big is a giant breed? Here are just a few examples. The Giant Schnauzer (yes, he even has “giant” in his name), weighs in from 55 to 80 pounds. The Bernese Mountain Dog can weigh up to 110 pounds. The Newfoundland can reach 150 pounds. And the Saint Bernard? Up to 200 pounds! Since it’s very possible that these dogs will weigh more than their owners, training is very important — especially walking nicely on a leash. Most giant dogs are described as calm, agreeable and pleasant. It’s almost as if they have no idea how big they are.

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DIY dog bed for giant breed dogs. Wood elevated dog bed. Wouldn't it be Lovely Mammoth has been designing dog beds for large breeds since 1995. The Mammoth extra extra large dog bed is our Largest Mammoth ever! This bed measures a whopping SIX feet long and over FOUR feet wide. Mammoth comfort for extra large dogs, designed to accommodate extra large breeds over 200lbs. Made to last from 100% all new materials, the inner mattress is composed of a furniture grade, high density orthopedic foam mattress which provides premium long lasting support for your giant breed. The extra large bolster provides added security and comfort your dog will love.

Kuranda dog beds are perfect for the Giant Breed, Saint Bernards

For this reason, it’s essential that giant breeds like Great Danes have access to supportive, high-quality dog beds. Giant breeds have exponentially more severe joint issues than regular large dogs, and so they need uniquely designed orthopedic dog beds made just for them.

DIY dog bed for giant breed dogs.

Kuranda dog beds are perfect for Great Danes hips; the elevated bed lifts the dog off the cold/hot floor. After an exciting day of playing outside Great Danes love to stretch out on their easy to clean Kuranda bed. The XXL size was created for giant breeds holding 150+ lbs with ease. Large dogs, including Giant breed dogs are our best customers! They recognize and enjoy the healthy comfort Kuranda beds provide for their dogs’ hips and joints.