Keep your dog's stomach in good working order with raw bones.

We were big advocates of raw bones until recently. I buy from my local grassfed, no antibiotics, no hormone butcher (where I buy my own meat). I feed once a week to my dogs for good teeth. My German Shorthaired pointer cracked off and swallowed a sharp splintered piece of raw rib bone and it tore a hole in his stomach or esophagus. He had internal bleeding and it took 4 weeks of intense management to get his digestion back to normal. Weeks of baby food and $1000 in vet bills/ meds to get him healthy again. SCARED me to death. We are bless to narrowly miss having surgery to repair. Now I am rethinking bones in general....I do supervise them and watch for break offs but even a small shard can do damage. My raw food does have ground bones in it so calcium is covered...its the teeth cleaning I was going for...

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Bones from cows, moose and other large animals are generally good for large, aggressive chewers and most dogs would be able to strip the meat off but not consume the entire bone.

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Really good and useful advice. I've fed my Dog bones in the past. But won't be doing so in the future. Voted up etc. I have learned the hard way that those bones are not good for your dog. I just got a phone call from my vet that they had to do surgery on my english bulldog because she had pieces of the nylabone stuck in her stomach.I will never buy another nylabone again.

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I will not give my dogs nylabones any more. One of my dog club members had a strong chewer (Samoyed) that ingested a piece about the size of a dime. The dog owners had no idea who/if someone had ingested it as they had five Sammys at the time. Several months later, one of the dogs appeared to be in total agony and was coughing up blood. An x-ray showed the piece had lodged into the stomach lining. In spite of surgery, the dog died. My Sammy got into many shenanigans and was known to eat socks, underwear and just about everything, but we had good success with ‘puzzle toys’ containing treats lodged in them and also cotton dog ropes soaked in broth for flavor. I’m not crazy about bleached rawhide, but I do give them occasionally as they are fully indigestible and do not smell. In general, I do not give those sorts of chewables unless I am able to keep an eye on them. My advice for a larger piece of ingested nylabone would be to induce vomiting immediately.

Good Lovin' Hand Tied Pork & Chicken Jerky Dog Bones.

Raw dog bones can be temping to give your dog, but the thought of it brings about some safety questions. Are raw bones good for dogs? Which bones do I use? What do I need to do to keep my dog safe?So what are the best dog bones? It’s not rocket scionce, but there are still a few important things to keep in mind before you just start throwing bones at your dog. We’ll go over those things, and we’ll give you five good recommendations for bones you can try (our pup's personal favorites—and believe me, she’s tried a lot).