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Purchased this table for touch ups (hair and nails) between grooming visits. It's very sturdy and stable. The size easily accommodates our 4 small dogs weighing from 5 to 15 pounds. The arm and lead are both adjustable making it a perfect fit for each dog. The base rotates smoothly and has rubber feet to keep it from sliding. We use disinfecting wipes for easy clean up after each use. This is a must have for small dog owners.

TP7146 17Packed with special features, the Master Equipment™ 360 Electric Grooming Table is perfect for grooming small or large dogs

In a shop like mine we have 4 Hydraulic tables for the groomers who groom small to medium dogs and they have a 20" height range that they work in. Most only adjust their tables slightly from dog to dog.

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This dog grooming table from Master Equipment is perfect for small dogs and is easy to use and clean. Perfect lazy Susan grooming table for small dogs and/or cats. Was smaller than I expected but fits my need for a 14 pound miniature poodle. Don't beleive it would be useful for anything larger. The table a bit hard to turn. Needed lubricatant.

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This table works great! I have two small dogs and this table is large enough to hold them. It turns nicely and the harness helps with a dog that wants to get away, twist and turn, and lay down. Set up is easy and doesn't take much space when taken apart. Small enough to remain in grooming position. It does need to be placed on a table in the right height for grooming. I have a Yorkie and a very small Sitzu dogs.

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"We love our favorite ComfortGroom product because...Large and Small Dogs... Young and Old Dogs... We Love Them All... We love the Accordion Lift Electric Grooming table. Getting on and off with ease, Frodo and Georgia love this grooming table, too !!!"For those that have small dogs or take care of small dogs this table is a great option. The 18 inch table top makes it great for small dogs but also ideal for transporting in an SUV or even a larger sedan with no issues. Unlike most other pet grooming tables this table is circular and not standalone. That means that in order to use this table you must have a flat surface. However, because of that you can turn almost any flat surface into a grooming table without having to bring a fold out table with you.If you plan to groom dogs of varying sizes, an electric table will be a good option for having the maximum range of height adjustments at the touch of a switch or button. They're also relatively smooth and easy to operate. The table should also have a reliable arm with a harness and loop system that is equipped with a safety release to keep a dog steady while working without making him feel trapped. Additionally, keep a less-expensive, collapsible table if you'll be doing a lot of traveling or if you have a small breed that doesn't require as many height adjustments as a large dog.About: The is rather different from the other portable tables in our review. This is a table-top unit, designed exclusively for smaller dogs. Accordingly, it is not ideal for full-time professionals, but it is an excellent option for owners of small dogs who require frequent grooming.