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Hi, my name is Jeana Ward and I am the owner of Jeana's Dirty Dog Salon in Cambridge, Massachusetts. So, whenever you go to approach your dog to lift his tail, you want to run your hand right your dog's back and bring the tail up confidently. Take your clippers and go side to side. You never go up. Side to side with a number ten blade. Very important that you use a number ten blade. You can go a little bit higher just to catch that little bit of hair there. You just want to do a small area immediately around your dog's vent.

The next area of concern with giving a dog a proper sanitary, with females, it is very important that you remove the hair around their genital areas. If you do not remove it then, what happens is, it stays wet every time they pass water, which can promote infections and great discomfort for your dog. So, basically, once again, side to side. Never, never back to front or front to back. So, keep it side to side and you would not hurt your dog.

The next place is we are going to do the belly. Probably the easiest way to do this is to pick up your dog's front legs. You want to go right up the belly. Now, with male dogs, you want to make sure you clean the head of the penis so it too does not acquire infection from staying wet from passing water. And that is how you do a sanitary.

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When it comes to grooming advice for dogs, the lessons are as varied as the breeds themselves. There is not room enough in a blog post to cover all the grooming tips out there, so we’ve picked out several that we feel are especially important in the summer months.

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Hi, my name is Jeana Ward and I am the owner of Jeana's Dirty Dog Salon in Cambridge, Massachusetts. What Liz is using on Maggie's ears today is called ear powder. It has a resin in it that allows you to grip the ear hair. You never want to grab a great amount of ear hair when plucking ears. You just want to do small amounts, a little bit at a time and pulling the ear hair generally towards the crown of the head or generally just paying attention to how easily it comes out. Do not force this issue.

Try not to go too deep into the canal. You can really aggravate an ear. You can also use a ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer to trim the inside of the ear if your dog is really cooperative but that is a big trust thing to put a buzzy thing in a dog's ears.

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We hope this quick guide offers some valuable tips when it comes to grooming older dogs. If you have recently adopted an older dog or looking to train your pet for the first time, and complements the grooming tips given here excellently.

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