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Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash is made from high quality materials with water-resistant nylon and reflective thread sewn around the waist belt and the bungee for night visibility. This double dog leash comes with an easy adjusting connector to fit waists up to 42 inches securely, and a D-ring that slides smoothly around the belt. While the bungee provides sufficient slack to absorb the brute force of a strong-pulling dog, it has ample tensile strength to hold the dog alongside of it.

So, here are my top 5 hands free leashes to help you make a decision on which dog leash to buy:

Unlike other similar hands-free dog leashes sold here on Amazon, the belt on ours is slightly adjustable so you can loosen or tighten it around your waist (fits up to a 42” waist). Use the metal clasp to unhook the leash from the belt to instantly convert it back to a traditional style handheld pet leash.

Best Hands Free Dog Leash: 2016 Ultimate Top 5 List for Runners

4.7 out of 5 Stars Customer Satisfaction Rating – Roadrunner Hands Free Dog Leash I have three dogs that I like to walk at one time. It can be a challenge with so many leashes. My dogs are well behaved and do not pull but I like the comforting thought that I can grab one of my dogs or a neighborhood dog with my hands now free. The belt is great quality and very comfortable.

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Hands Free Hipster Dog running Waist Belt with Firm Bungee Leash and Two Pockets, Ideal for Running/Walking/Hiking. Adjustable Length, Suitable for any size dog ** Continue to the product at the image link.

Roamer™ Leash | Hands-Free, Stretching Dog Leash Lets Dogs Roam

There’s an answer just a click away! Enjoy Freedom, flexibility and an easy, flowing run or walk with our fantastic Hands Free Dog Leash with an innovative bungee section that lets the leash extend from 4-5 ft to absorb the force if your dog pulls. The waist belt easily adjusts from 27″-48″ so is great for all shapes and sizes. Run,hike or take out your dogs and baby stroller together, you’ll find those outings SO much easier .

The Hands Free Hipster is the perfect companion for walks, hikes & runs with your dog! Featuring 3 zippered pockets, 1 mesh water bottle holder, dual D-ring clips and a 5ft leash, our upgraded hip pack is right at home wherever you roam.The “dog-end” of a hands-free leash looks similar to a standard leash. It’ll usually be made of a nylon webbing material, and it will feature a clip or clasp of some type that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness.The simplest hands-free leashes feature nothing more than a piece of nylon webbing, a clasp to hook to your dog’s collar and an adjustable wrap to connect to your body. However, many of the better models on the market also include a number of bells and whistles that make it easier and more convenient to use the leash.