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I always thought pet insurance to be one of those things I’d never end up using so I never truly took the time to compare the options. Well, it was easy to say that when it was the family dog and my parents had the income to take care of the incidents (like when ol’ Smokey was hit by a car and needed a cast for his hind legs). Fast forward to when I finally got a dog of my own. Months went by and a persistent cough came about. Hundreds of dollars later it turns out to be a fungal infection vs bacterial (which I hear is hard to differentiate). The cost of the vet bills really did a damage but I wasn’t going to give up because I love my dog. It’s great to find information like this which explains it in easy-to-understand details. Now when I see my parents, grandparents, and friends aging dogs I’m able to bring up the options. I highly recommend digging into the comparisons and finding something that fits your budget vs getting blind-sided from a high vet bill from those unfortunate accidents or sneaky hereditary issues.

Dog insurance is not as complicated as you think. If you are shopping for your first dog health insurance policy, you are in the right place.

Pre-existing conditions
If your dog already has a diagnosed health issue, this is considered a pre-existing condition and, unfortunately, is not currently covered by any major health insurance provider. Even if your dog does not have a pre-existing condition, you should read through the available policies carefully, because some insurers will not continue to provide coverage if your dog develops a condition and the policy lapses.

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Pet insurance helps manage and predict healthcare costs for your dog or cat. Wow. Choosing pet insurance seems to be as complicated as choosing your own medical insurance! Fortunately, the article and chart help navigate what can be a confusing and overwhelming decision. My sister has pet insurance for her dog and it has saved her a considerable amount of money as the poor dog is not the healthiest of creatures. I’m not certain what plan she has, but I know she is very happy to have the insurance. Her dog is only 8 years old, but has torn ligaments in both of her hind legs, been bitten by a poisonous snake twice, had a pre-cancerous tumor removed, suffers from persistent skin allergies and arthritis, and just last month, broke her front paw and had to have a cast put on!
I think I’m safe in saying that pet insurance has been a godsend for my sister!

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I didn’t know there was this many different options for pet insurance. I’m also surprised that Nationwide has such poor customer reviews as they are one of the better rated auto insurance companies. I usually choose mutts for my dogs for a variety of reasons. Personally I think your #1 recommendation (Healthy Paws) or Embrace are the best options for my situation.

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