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If Heartgard was available over the counter without a prescription, there would be risks that dog owners would skip the heartworm test and would give a heartworm pill to a dog who is potentially heartworm positive. Even if dog owners are certain that they have religiously given their dogs their heartworm pill every single month, it’s important to consider there have also been cases of heartworm resistance to preventative medications and sometimes, even with the best effort, it is possible that a dog vomits the heartworm pill up or spits it out without the owner ever knowing.

HEARTGARD-30 Plus is recommended for use in dogs six weeks of age and older.

Heartguard Plus is a vet-recommended product that kills heartworm larvae which comes in the form of an oral medication which not only acts as a heartworm treatment but as a treatment for hookworm in dogs as well.

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HEARTGARD-30 Plus is recommended for use in dogs six weeks of age and older. HEARTGARD Chewables are labeled for the prevention of heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is 100% preventable with HEARTGARD Chewables, satisfaction guaranteed! All you have to do to protect your dog from the threat of heartworm disease is to give HEARTGARD Chewables once a month and use as otherwise directed.

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My Heartguard Plus came direct from Germany! I was shocked. But it saved me tons of $. Thank you Discount Pet Meds! I can continue to take good care of our dog by being able to afford the product. It arrived in just a few days, and even considering it came all the way from Germany. Wow! Great products and service.

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It's important to never give Heartgard to any pet that has not been tested for heartworm disease. Heartworm preventative medication such as Heartgard cannot kill adult heartworms, but instead kills the baby heartworms known as microfilariae. A dog that already has a heartworm infection may experience a severe reaction as the medication kills off the heavy load of microfilariae circulating in the dog's bloodstream, which may result in serious heart failure or even death. If your dog is taking Heartgard but still manages to contract heartworms, the process of getting reimbursed for heartworm treatment from the manufacturer can be lengthy and time consuming. But at 1-800-PetMeds we don't require all the paperwork. When you buy your dog's Heartgard medicine through us, all you need to send us is your vet's bill and we'll send you a check for the cost of heartworm treatment.* It's as simple as that!The cost varies, depending upon the weight of your dog. Heartgard comes in three sizes: for dogs 1-25 pounds, for dogs 26-50 pounds, and for dogs 51-100 pounds. If your dog weighs more than 100 pounds, you will need to use a combination of sizes. You can also order Heartgard and Heartgard Plus in a 6 pack or a 12 pack, with additional savings if you order the more economical 12 pack. Heartgard Chewables are a flavored treatment for dogs given once a month to prevent heartworms. Heartgard Chewables require a prescription from your veterinarian.