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There is no need to put too much thought into this item, especially if the dog house is insulated with a dog house heater: Anything that is an inch or two thick, that keeps your dog's body off the cold ground, or floor of the dog house will do. Heated dog blankets are also available on the market.

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Sometimes you may want to go on a vacation, or on a business trip, and take your dog with you. Might be you want to have the whole family together, or simply cannot leave Rover alone with strangers. If you are headed north, you would want to keep the dog warm, especially if the dog is used to a warmer climate. You might just wrap the dog in blankets or keep the heating on constantly – still, there is an easier solution, and that is a heated dog bed. There are special models designed specifically for SUVs.

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Pet Puppy Kitten Warm Electric Heat Heating Heater Pad Mat Blanket Dog Cat Bunny Make certain to provide proper shelter. If you can’t keep your dog indoors, provide an elevated structure with a door to protect pets from wind and weather. Be sure your dogs house is large enough for him to stand up and turn around, but small enough to retain his body heat. Provide dry, clean bedding materials such as straw or blankets and replace bedding if it becomes damp or wet. If your dog does sleep indoors, provide him with a warm sleeping area away from drafts.

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n electric blanket is a great body warmer for you, but it poses a hazard to dogs, who may see them as something to chew on. Whether you are simply looking for a hedge against the chill of winter or you have a dog that needs help keeping warm, alternatives to an electric blanket or electric heating pad do exist.

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The most immediate advantage is that they’re great for particularly young or small dogs. If your puppy is prone to getting cold, a heated dog bed may be just the thing you’re looking for. They’re particularly useful when you have a canine that has both short hair and a small size, and your puppy will be to keep warm while he’s sleeping without having to be stacked with blankets.So my parents have agreed to let me get a dog except my mom doesn't want the dog to be inside, even in the winter. We plan to put the dog in the garage except it's not insulated or connected to the house. We are going to give an enclosed space in the garage to the dog, and provide blankets, a heated bed and a dog house, of course, but is that enough? We aren't sure how to keep the dog warm in the winter.

Ashley from Utah, Salt Lake CityAn American Pet Products Association survey states that almost half of all dogs and an even higher percentage of cats sleep with their owners. Despite how much pets like heated blankets and mattress pads, all the manufacturers and safety agencies recommend NOT using them with pets. The reasoning is that a pet’s claws could damage the heater wire insulation which would effectively bare it. This could be dangerous both for your pet and also for you, especially if the bare part of the wire should become wet either by their “accident” or from your drink spill.Place your dog’s bed in an area free from drafts. For dog beds located on wood or tile floors, place a blanket on the floor before putting the bed down, or move the bed to a carpeted area. Add additional blankets to his bed for him to burrow under if he gets cold. Follow these recommendations regardless of what heat source you use, as they will help reduce the cold.