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Then its not completely false when indeed water bowl was almost dry when given more so how can that be false? As a vet you would know if a dog is overheating you want to cool down slowly. That’s been well documented. And whose to see how well this owner picked up on symptoms of her dog or even relayed the information her vet gave her. You as vet well know how information isnt always interpreted properly or relayed. It also just as easy for one to claim they are a vet as well without giving professional name or clinic!

Be careful not to let water collect in the birdbath or it may seep inside the heated dog bowl causing it to short out.

Add a homemade bird bath or other inexpensive water source. Offering water in the wintertime is a big help to the birds when natural water sources are all locked up in ice and snow. But supplying fresh water is hard to do when temperatures drop below freezing and the water turns to ice. If you already have a heated birdbath in your yard, that is sure to attract a number of feathered friends that don't use feeders, and is a great way to increase the overall bird population. But adding a heat source for water doesn't have to be expensive. Using a heated dog water dish on the ground or placed on top of a regular cement birdbath will work just as well and is cheaper than a heated birdbath. Place a clay flowerpot in the center for the birds to stand on while they drink, and you're sure to have plenty of visitors.

Top 5 Best Heated Water Bowls for Dogs for Cold Weather (2017)

The Kane Heated Dog Waterer is perfect for an outdoor dog enclosure, for fresh water even in freezing temperatures. CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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K&H Thermal-Bowl Heated Dog Water Bowl

Thermostatically controlled Thermal-Bowl is the answer to freezing water bowls. Simply plug it in the K&H Thermo-Bowl and your pet's water will remain open all winter down to 20° below zero Fahrenheit. This heated bowl keeps your dog's water dish full of water--not ice--during those cold winter months. It's safe around doggy and sure to last all season. Just plug in the 5.5 feet long chew resistant cord and your pet's water will stay warm enough to drink. Thermostatically controlled and works in temperatures that are down to 20 below zero Fahrenheit. All of the electrical workings are sealed inside to keep your pet safe. These bowls are only 25 watts for extremely low energy consumption.

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