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According to the internist we saw at Purdue Small Animal Hospital, dogs with chronic pancreatitis need a diet that is moderate in protein and low in fat. In pancreatitis, the pancreas produces too many enzymes and basically digests it self. Over time, that can result in pancreatic insufficiency and diabetes. I belong to a forum for owners of dogs with this condition, and they can die from it if the diet isn’t not carefully managed. Fat and protein, in that order, are what cause the pancreas to produce the most enzymes. A dog with pancreatitis needs to get most of the calories in its diet from carbohydrates. The diet also needs to be low in fiber, and the type of fiber is important too, which is why Hill’s i/d has both insoluble (cellulose), and soluble (beet pulp) fiber. You need to really know what you’re talking about before judging a prescription food.

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My dog has been on the hills prescription WD diet for a few years now with great success but now the last two bags something is not right. My dog has gotten extremely sick and has been back and forth to the vet. She has thrown up, had bloody diarria, lost weight, lathargic, and now won’t even eat. The vet said she is having a severe allergetic reaction to something. I think it is in the food. My other dogs won’t even eat her food. I wonder if hills used the bad corn from Iowa or Indiana that had the nitro in it that didn’t grow last year. Something has changed. Is anyone else having issues? I asked that the food be tested but was informed that it was not because it is always tested before being sent out.

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I have been feeding my dogs The poster did not say senior. They said mature. There is a difference. Regarding “senior” dogs, I never feed senior food to any of my dogs no matter what their age. The senior formulas are often too low in protein. If you have a senior dog you might choose a food that is lower in fat if weight is an issue. Senior dogs actually need more protein than younger dogs as they do not metabolize protein as well as they age. I think Hill’s are too low in protein. The Ideal Balance Mature Adult has protein G/A as 20.5. Hill’s Sience Diet Mature Adult Active Longevity only has a protein G/A of 19.6.

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IN human diets are most important factors so for animal diet is also more essential, here we can calculate the review of a dog food diet grain free dry which is generate by Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free the dry food especially designed for dogs including proteins with many ingredients, I was really impressed with the review having every portion of diets and suitable for dogs.

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