Hills Prescription Diet i/d Stress Digestive Care Dry Dog Food.

What's so valuable aboutHill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Low Fat Canine Dry Dog Food? Find out here? * Highly digestible formula* Clinically shown to decrease fasting serum triglycerides* Proprietary blend that contains ginger which helps calm and soothe the gastrointestinal tract*…

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For this NGD Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D dog food review, company’s Hill’s Prescription Science Diet I/D Canine Formula was chosen to represent their line of dry dog foods.

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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Sensitive Digestive Care Rice & Egg Formula Dry Dog Food Hi im looking for some guidance in a better dog food. I have a two year old german shorthaired pointer who has digestive health problems he would get really bad gas and diarrhea on any other food than the Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D Canine (Dry). I have switched around to different food brands because i do not approve of hill’s prescription i/d ingredients. However, every time i tried and i would do it the right way of gradually switching over from one food to the next. I kept running into the same problem all the food would give him bad gas. I want my dog to have better food with better ingredients but i have not come across a food that was like hill’s prescription i/d. Do you have any dog food recommendations that would promote digestive health but with better ingredients then hill’s prescription?

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My 4 year old male boxer has had stomach problems for over 2 years (I believe his whole life). His stomach would growel and he would dry heave untill he vomited. Most times on an empty stomach. At times blood would also come up. And at times blood mixed with his stool. In any case my vet put him on Hill prescription diet I/D and his troubles stopped. After a few months on this food I started giving him different dry dog foods to try and lower my cost. All top of the line dry dog foods. Each time he would revert back to being sick the same way. I tried mixing half (another food) half (Hills) but this was no good either. Enough said, this food works wonders for him. I don’t care what others may say about this food, it cured my dogs problems and thats good enough for me. He is healthy, energetic and loving and I will pay the price for his happiness!

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I have 2 dogs on Hills Prescription Dog Food I/D (dry formula). My 12-year old German Shepherd has been on it for 5+ years (great result) and my 5-year old Rottweiler switched to it a few months ago. All was well and we changed to the new formula about 4 days ago (ran out of the old formula). Both dogs have had bad diarrhea and are vomiting. Now I am beside myself and know that the only difference in both of their diets is the new Hills Prescription Dog Food I/D (dry formula). I have been feeding my dog Hills Prescription Diet i/d Canine Gastrointestinal Health DRY Dog Food for about two years now. He is currently 3 years old goldendoodle. When I got him he had typical puppy stomach issues which landed him on the I/D diet. He did very well on it. Suddenly one day he started to have diarrhea all through the night. He woke up throwing up that morning. I rushed him to the vet and he ended up in the hospital for the day on I/V from dehydration and antibiotics. He came home and they put him on the Hills Prescription Diet i/d WET Low Fat GI Restore Canine. He got better and when I tried to switch him back to his dry food the mucus in stool started again. I did a full panel of blood work two times at two different vets - the first vet said he tested positive for pancreatitis... I truly feel this all happened from the food. All his other blood work was fine... x-ray ok. Next step is ultrasound of stomach...