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STEP 3: Make Dog Toys, Bones, and Pucks (1 week before)
1. Rawhide bone: Roll out white modeling chocolate and then wrap it until it looks bone-like.
2. Dog’s toy ball: The only other non-edible portion of this cake. Because I wanted a perfectly smooth appearance, I used a styrofoam ball. Notice the ball is completely smooth… how did I do that, you may wonder? A brilliant idea! It is no mistake that there is a black/white stripe down the center of the ball. I measured and then cut a circle of red fondant and then stuck it onto the ball. Do the same for the opposite side. Then, take a white stripe and wrap it around to hide the seams. I added a black stripe on top of the white (to model the uniforms’ stripes). But since my black stripe looked uneven, I then added black circles. (They were cut out with the base of an icing tip.) This not only hid the ugliness of the uneven black stripe, but it made it look more playful, like something a dog would have.
3. Hockey pucks: Roll out black fondant so it’s the same thickness as a real puck (1 inch, thank you wikipedia). Use a 3-inch circle cookie cutter to cut the puck out. Once it’s dried, use fondant to add the team logo on top. I cut each color individually and then put them together like a puzzle. I used a black food-coloring marker to draw around the edges, like the real logo is outlined. Forgive me that it doesn’t look perfect, but seriously, these are some teeny little feathers we are talking about here!

Orange Hockey Balls Dog Toys

Given how much some dogs love to fetch and of course, chew, these street hockey balls fit the bill in terms of cost and length of use. Because essentially that’s what it comes down to – how long this toy will last. And if you have a couple of dogs at home who love to play tug of war with their toys, you’ll understand that these dog toys will last for months. At least they do in our home.

But, in our opinion, these orange hockey balls make the best dog toy and here’s why:

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Hockey Puck Dog Toy This reality hits hard when a beloved animal is injured at play. One such horror story became news after a dog’s tongue was trapped in a hole in a ball, requiring long and painful medical intervention and finally, amputation of the tongue. The owner was shocked to learn that this wasn’t the first such incident—other dogs had been harmed, even killed, by the same toy. The company, Four Paws, eventually recalled several of its toys, according to its website.

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Puppy Puck is a three-inch hockey puck-shaped dog toy that you can toss, roll, or slide. For full review and shopping info ►

Product Info:
Puppy Puck is a three-inch hockey puck-shaped dog toy that can be used in multiple ways. You can use it as a traditional fetch toy by tossing it, and it does bounce, which makes it ideal for playing in open outdoor spaces. But because it's designed flat like a puck, you can also roll it or slide it on a smooth surface, and that eliminates the bounce, making it a nice indoor toy and very kid-friendly.

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