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Make homemade training treats for your dog in this free video.

Expert: Elise McMahon
Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in animal behavior, and has been working with both domestic and wild dogs since the early 1990s.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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Homemade Dog Treat Recipe Tempting Training Treats 2 1/3 c flour - all-purpose or whole wheat 1/4 c olive oil 1/4 c applesauce 1/2 c grated cheese - like parmesan 1 lg egg 1 t garlic powder 1/4 c powdered milk -- non-fat Combine all ingredients in large bowl; mix well; cut into small pieces; Bake in 350 degree oven about 15 min until golden brown. Turn off the oven let cool for a few hours; They will keep hardening the longer you leave them. store tightly covered or in the freezer.

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DIY: Homemade Dog Training Treats- Chicken Liver Treats Don't freak out about the liver.. So that brings us here - these are 16 easy-to-make treats that only take a few minutes, and have no more than 5 or 6 ingredients. And not to mention homemade treats are much easier on the wallet. Your dog will go nuts for these recipes, and are ideal for training or spoiling as they're healthy, grain-free, and guilt free.

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Liver makes a superb dog training treat, but as you can see by the 3 varieties I have included in this instructable a change is good for keeping your dogs attention and can increase their willingness to participate in training, By changing the flavour of the reward used attention spans can be maintained and training reinforced. Oz, being a collie needs stimulation, and so I have added to our training regime treats made from cans of Mackerel, Pilchards and from Herring. I have in Oz one very active, intelligent Collie cross who has a willingness to learn especially if home-made treats a play are involved.

Homemade Liver Dog Treats are Fantastic for Training and Everyday

Soft homemade treats for older dogs Top with training treat after cooking or mix in chopped up treats Note:These recipes use baby food. While many baby foods are purees of meats and veggies or fruits ...Sure, we'd love it if you ordered from us. It's how we pay our vet bills after all, and we do have some great dog treats. But many times you can use fresh treats like cubes of meat or cheese or even Cheerios or pieces of carrot to reward your dog. This saves money and resources and is healthy for dogs. The following recipe for egg dog treats are one of my favorite homemade dog treats because they are so simple to make and work very well for training. They are soft and breakable without being messy and they are grain and carbohydrate free! Perfect for dogs and puppies with sensitive stomachs or allergies.