Keep your powerful chewer busy with the Barkworthies Goat Horn Dog Chew. A great way to cure boredom and save your shoes, this premium chew comes from free-range, grass-fed goats in Australia. It’s a safe alternative to rawhide because of its superior digestibility, and it’s full of keratin, plus ultra-nutritious marrow on the inside. The dense and durable horn will last a long time, even with tough chewers, and you’ll be happy to know that it cleans their teeth as they gnaw away. A single ingredient treat, that means there’s no grain, chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Your dog will love the crunchy honeycombed bone center of the Water Buffalo Horn Core Dog Chew.

Barkworthies Goat Horn dog chews are a single-source all-natural dog chew. Goat Horns are full of keratin, making this one long-lasting chew! Helps remove tartar build up while being chewed. No Chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Size will vary from horn to horn; typical size is 3 to 5-inches.

Petstages Deer Horn Dog Chew, Large, White

Petco Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chew, 2 oz. #Petco #Water #Buffalo #Horn #Dog #Chew #oz. These horns are harvested in India from grass-fed water buffalo. The core provides a long-lasting chewing experience and minerals your dog needs such as phosphorus and calcium.

Petco Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chew

Dogs will go crazy over the Water Buffalo Core Dog Chew. The Buffalo Horns are steamed to release keratin covering to reveal the spongy bone core which provides a natural and healthy chew that satisfies.

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####Water Buffalo Horn Dog ChewsHarvested from free-range, grassfed water buffalo, these 100% natural chews entice dogs with a high-protein alternative to treats. Unlike bone, the horn is naturally splinter-resistant and nonabrasive, making them highly durable throughout intense chewing and safe for long-term use.* Natural water buffalo horn* Free-range, grassfed buffalo* High in protein; low in fat* Promotes healthy teeth and gums* Splinter-freeWe decided to try something different with the next dog and have given him chews that he likes and will keep his interest. He chews like crazy and his teeth are beautiful and require much less time and money to keep looking white and pretty. He seems so much more content with his mouth and he loves the buffalo horns. His mouth is so much prettier than the other dogs mouth ever was, even as a puppy. We've given him hard chews that he actually likes and chews on for long periods of time. When he's done with a chewing session you can see how nice and clean his teeth look.They last forever, my dog loves them, and they make NO mess. They obviously get wet from the dogs saliva but other than that they are not messy and my dogs chew them in the house which we've never been able to let them do with anything else. They come in different sizes depending on how big your dog is. My dogs have been gnawing on the same two horns for over two months now.I have to say I really do prefer antlers over the horns and so do my dogs. The horns are cheaper for the size but they are also hollow and have an animal odor. My dogs chewed on them for a little bit but quickly lost interest. I have to say that I will not be purchasing horns again. They aren’t the worst but there are better options out there.